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Three interviews with Michael S. Eck regarding celebrity deaths in threes

Michael S Eck

Michael S Eck

As author, administrator and . . . I forget the third, of The Book of Threes at, I recently did three, that’s right . . ., three interviews on celebrity deaths in threes. Mostly people are interested in why deaths occur in threes.

After these interviews I came to the conclusion that putting deaths into a threeness is the way we master our own mortality. We reflect on these deaths and create a memory by clustering concepts into threes. It gives us a chance to complete our relationship with our celebrities and move on.

Fundamentally we use threes to simplify, complete, and create memory. For more on this, see this self timed Web Presentation on concepts in threes. Run the slideshow.

 So here’s what happened beginning June 29, 2009:

1). I did a newspaper interview with a brilliant man named David Montgomery, a staff writer for the Washington Post. The article came out the next day on June 30, 2009. A link to the article is at,
and then the article was picked up by the Philly Enquirer.

2). From this, I got a call from Sandra Firpo, Produced for KGO Morning News, an ABC Radio, San Francisco, who read with interest David’s article and asked if I could talk about the “phenomenon” of celebrity triple deaths with Ed and Jen. I did a live interview around 10:45 AM on Jume 30, 2009. A link to the interview is at (

ImageThree-ness: Do Things Manifest in Threes?

or Listen

Three strikes, three primary colors, three goals for a hat trick, three meals a day, the Holy Trinity– do things in our lives really manifest in threes, or are these observations just ways for our brains to simplify and group complex information? On the Liveline with Ed and Jen is Michael Eck, creator of the Book of Threes. (6/30)

3). And finally, on July 8, 2009 I had a very fun interview with Maurice Drummond and Rich Gould for 590 The Fan KFNS (, a FOX affiliate. Look at the Rewind Section for the audio. They we’re hillarious. At the end they were talking about the Manchurian Candidate and being brainwashed by things in threes. I came off as an esoteric man obsessed with life in threes, which is pretty darn close.

ImageMartin Radio is where sports and entertainment collide. The show is hosted by Veteran TV Sportscasters Martin Kilcoyne (FOX 2) Maurice Drummond (Fox 2) and Rich Gould (KPLR 11) and features the perfect blend of sports talk, entertainment and real life. Men wake up each morning to Martin and Mo or Rich’s dynamic sense of humor and unique takes on the world of sports. Plus, visits from the biggest local and national guests. The show also features “Celebrity Phone ins”, “He’s a Nothin” “Ask Tony”, “Martinsville” as well as “You Blew It”.

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Michael S Eck

The Book of Threes

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