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The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Three

The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers
Tetragrammaton by Francisco Goya: Tetragrammaton by Francisco Goya: “The Name of God”, YHWH in triangle, detail from fresco Adoration of the Name of God, 1772

Three is the first number to which the meaning “all” was given. It is The Triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end. The power of three is universal and is the tripartide nature of the world as heaven, earth, and waters. It is human as body, soul and spirit.

In the first three numbers, all of the others are synthesized. From the union of oneness and duality (which is its reflection), that is, from triad, proceed all of the other numbers, and from this primordial triangle all figures derive.

There is also, for traditional civilizations, a direct relationship between numbers and letters of the alphabet, to the point where, with many alphabets, numbers were represented by letters, and had no special signs of their own. This is not the case with the early American cultures, which knew no alphabet, but we wish to call attention to this correspondence because not only the alphabetical code, but the numerical one, as well, describe all reality: that is, everything that is numerable or namable–in the sense of “ciphers,” harmonious measures, “proportions”–in sum, the totality of the cosmos, of the knowable.

This threeness or triad, has always been considered sacred–like oneness, duality, and all numbers–by virtue of its very properties and particular attributes. These properties and attributes are manifested in its threefold nature, which of itself is the inevitable expression of a principle, an archetypal fact, that solidifies in a series, as a representation of ideas and energies that materialize in magical, mysterious fashion while obeying precise, universal laws, which the numerical codes and their geometrical correspondences symbolize.

In numerology the number 3 is a whirlwind of expressiveness, joy, and boundless, childlike imagination. Threes possess vibrant energy, opening doors to self-expression and communication. Three’s magnetic personality draws people into its exciting presence.

Trinity Symbol Trinity Symbol

This symbol a triad or trinity. It is a symbol of the unity of body, mind and spirit. The symbol is of universal significance – it is found throughout history and all over the world. It was popularized early in this century by the Russian-born artist, philosopher and scientist Nicholas Roerich. ( It can be interpreted in many different senses: spirit/mind/body in a circle of synthesis; past/present/future enclosed in the ring of eternity; art/science/religion bound in a circle of culture.

Chintamani Chintamani

The oldest of Indian symbols, Chintamani, the sign of happiness, is composed of this symbol and it can be found in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It appears in the Three Treasures of Tibet; on the breast of the Christ in Memling’s famous painting; on the Madonna of Strasbourg; on the shields of the Crusaders and coat of arms of the Templars. It can be seen on the blades of the famous Caucasian swords called “Gurda” and on the swords of Japanese nobility.

It appears as a symbol in several philosophical systems. It can be discovered on the images of Gessar Khan and Rigden Djapo; on the “Tamga” of Timurlane and on the coat of arms of the Popes. It can be seen in the works of ancient Spanish painters and of Titian, and on the ancient ikon of St. Nicholas in Bari and that of St. Sergius and the Holy Trinity. It appears on the coat of arms of the city of Samarkand, on Ethiopian and Coptic antiquities, on the rocks of Mongolia, on Tibetan rings, on Buddhist banners, on the breast ornaments of all the Himalayan countries, and on the pottery of the Neolithic age.


This symbol is a symbol of happiness. It can not only appear in these famous places, but also appear around us. Therefore, this symbol can be customized into pins. You can also add your unique design to the custom pins. Whether you keep them for yourself or give them to relatives and friends, they are beautiful blessings. You can also customize the name of the person you want to give them to.

The symbol of the triad or trinity has existed over immeasurable time and throughout the world. It can be understood as a key to the integrity and interdependence of all existence.

Mother Goddess

Minerva, Apollo and Mercury by Girodet (1814) Minerva, Apollo and Mercury by Girodet (1814)

According to some authors, the triune mother-goddess in pre-Christian Celtic society, to was equal in stature to that of Mercury, which is what Caesar called Lugos or  Lugh, the most important of all the continental Celtic deities. Often Continental representations in sculpture and bas-relief of goddesses are in triads, which were for a time considered to be representations of different figures than those that appeared individually. However, when one looks at the objects associated with them, it is clear that “the two groups espress the same religious idea; only the representation of the idea varies.” Some of the symbolic associations with the Celtic mother-goddess are the cornucopia, fruit, animals seated on her knee, and a child in her arms or next to her.
Interestingly enough, in continental representations of Celtic deities, the goddess Julius Caesar called Minerva (who is now known to be Brighde) is often depicted in a triad with the male deities Mercury and Apollo, or Mercury and Vulcan. This is possibly a symbol of her immense importance in Celtic religious practices. In other representations, “Minerva” is depicted in the company of “Mars” which is what Caesar called Camulus, the same figure as Cumhail (father of Fionn Mac Cumhail, leader of the Fianna) a sky and war god of the Celts, both Insular and Continental.

The triad is a defining characteristic of Celtic religion and mythology, and not all female triads in the Irish tradition, at least, are as clear symbols of the Mother Goddess. These symbolic attributes include: cornucopia, fruit, animals on the figure’s knee, or a child in her arms or at her side.
Celtic art and literature has long been preoccupied with the number three. Looking at Celtic works or art one notices that often figures are grouped in clusters of three, creatures have three heads, objects repeat three times, or a single head might have three faces.

Oak, ash, and thorn were called the faery triad of trees. Where they grow together, it is still said that faeries live.
From the Druid or Celtic Shamanistic viewpoint the number three represents the different views one might develop following an initiation ceremony. Celtic Shamans believed that they could see the present, past and future – their vision of the world was complete and trustworthy. The Shaman often saw himself as a man standing in three different worlds at the same time. In this way, his judgments, decisions and advice became infallible and was closed to interpretation.

To the Celtic Shaman the worlds overlapped thus his consciousness is different from anyone else. His world view is full and complete. He has many ongoing relationships with otherworldly entities, such as fairies, the dead and the yet to be born. He gains his knowledge of this world from these entities and bestows it upon those who are not so blessed with such insight, such as King Arthur.

Three Brigid's Cross-county donegal Three Brigid’s Cross-county donegal

The Celtic preoccupation with the number three can be seen in the image of many of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses such as the three Brigids, and in the course of a story, often male heroes travel in groups of three in an attempt to complete a task, each of the three completing a different leg of the journey.
Just as night and day need twilight or dawn to go between it, the Celtic Shaman is the necessary third being between what is seen and unseen. He is neither this nor that. This widespread interest of the number three remains in our thinking today. Many modern concepts in philosophy, mathematics, physics, etc., are still very much based in the idea of “the three.”

The Greeks used the number three a lot. There were the three Fates, three Graces, three Gorgons and the three Furies. Even Apollo’s Pythia sat on a three legged chair (tripod) and Cerberus was a three headed dog. Multiples of three also seemed to be used such as the nine Muses and the twelve Olympian gods. >
Add the Holy Trinity, the trimester and some others, and you have a world-wide phenomenon.

Number in Scripture Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913)
In this number we have quite a new set of phenomena. We come to the first geometrical figure. Two straight lines cannot possibly enclose any space, or form a plane figure; neither can two plan surfaces form a solid. Three lines are necessary to form a plan figure; and three dimensions of length, breadth, and height, are necessary to form a solid. Hence three is the symbol of the cube–the simplest form of solid figure. As two is the symbol of the square, or plane contents (x2), so three is the symbol of the cube, or solid contents (x3).
Three, therefore, stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire.
All things that are specially complete are stamped with this number three.
God’s attributes are three: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.
There are three great divisions completing time–past, present, and future.
Three persons, in grammar, express and include all the relationships of mankind.
Thought, word, and deed, complete the sum of human capability.
Three degrees of comparison complete our knowledge of qualities.
The simplest proposition requires three things to complete it; viz., the subject, the predicate, and the copula.
Three propositions are necessary to complete the simplest form of argument–the major premiss, the minor, and the conclusion.
Three kingdoms embrace our ideas of matter–mineral, vegetable, and animal.
When we turn to the Scriptures, this completion becomes Divine, and marks Divine completeness or perfection.
Three is the first of four perfect numbers.
Three denotes divine perfection; Seven denotes spiritual perfection;Ten denotes ordinal perfection; andTwelve denotes governmental perfection.
Hence the number three points us to what is real, essential, perfect, substantial, complete, and Divine. There is nothing real in man or of man. Everything “under the sun” and apart from God is “vanity.” “Every man at his best estate is altogether vanity” (Psa 139:5,11, 62:9, 144:4; Eccl 1:2,4, 2:11,17,26, 3:19, 4:4, 11:8, 12:8; Rom 8:20).
Three is the number associated with the Godhead, for there are “three persons in one God.” Three times the Seraphim cry, “Holy, Holy, Holy”–one for each of the three persons in the Trinity (Isa 6:3). The living creatures also in Revelation 4:8.
Three times is the blessing given in Numbers 6:23, 24:–
“The LORD bless thee and keep thee (the Father);The LORD make His face shine upon thee; and be gracious unto thee (the Son);The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace” (the Holy Spirit).
Each of these three blessings is two-fold, so that there are two members in each, while the name Jehovah occurs three times. This marks the blessing as Divine in its source. No merit drew it forth; grace was its origin and peace was its result.

In Genesis 18:2, the same three persons appear to Abraham. Abraham “looked, and, lo, THREE men stood by him.” But verse 1 declares that it was “Jehovah appeared unto him.” It is remarkable that Abraham addresses them both as one and as three. We read first that “they said,” then “he said,” and finally, in verses 13 and 17, 20, etc., “And the LORD said.” The whole narrative, which begins with the appearance of the LORD, ends (v 33), “And the LORD went His way.”

As we have in the number one the sovereignty of the one God; and in two the second person, the Son, the great Deliverer; so in “three” we have the third person, the Holy Spirit, marking and completing “the fulness of the Godhead.” This word “fulness” is remarkable, occurring only three times, and in connection with the Three Persons of the Trinity:

Ephesians 3:19, “The fulness of God.Ephesians 4:13, “The fulness of Christ.”Colossians 2:9, “The fulness of the Godhead.”The “fulness” was manifested visibly in Christ, and is communicated by the Holy Spirit, for it is a fulness of which we receive by His mighty power (John 1:16).
This is why Abraham brought “three measures of meal” for his heavenly guest. This is why “three measures of meal” formed the great meal offering; because it set forth the perfection of Christ’s perfect and Divine nature. In Leviticus no particular quantity of meal was prescribed, but in Numbers 15:9, we read, “Then shall he bring with the bullock a meal offering of THREE tenth deals of flour.” This was the measure for the whole burnt offering, and also for great special occasions such as the New Moon and the New Year, etc. It was also the special measure for the cleansing of the leper (Lev 14:10). The poor leper had several gracious blessings beyond others. He alone was favoured with the anointing which was given only to the Prophet, Priest, and King! He alone had the priestly consecration. It is sinners who are now singled out from the mass of those who are lost, and dead in trespasses and sins, to be anointed with the Spirit, and made, in Christ, kings and priests unto God.

But there is more in these “three measures of meal.” We have them in the parable (Matt 13:33), pointing to Christ in all the perfection of His person and His work, when He said, “Lo, I come to do Thy will, O God.” There are different opinions about the “leaven,” but what is the “meal.” This is the point on which the interpretation turns. According to the popular interpretation, this pure “meal” is the corrupt mass of mankind, and the defiling “leaven” is the pure Gospel of Christ! Was there ever such an exhibition of man’s perversity in calling sweet bitter, and bitter sweet? Was there ever such a proof that man’s thoughts are contrary to God’s? No! the “three measures of meal” point us to the perfections of Christ and the purity of His Gospel. And the hidden “leaven” points us to man’s corruption of the Truth. A corruption for which we have to look, not after the third century, but in the first!
No leaven could be put into any sacrifice or offering made by fire to the LORD, because in Christ was no sin; therefore, there was to be no leaven. He was, in Himself, “a sweet savour to Jehovah.”

True, in one offering there was leaven. But mark the difference and the lesson. In Leviticus 23 we have a list of the Feasts:–
1st. The Passover (v 5), on the 14th day.2nd. The wave-sheaf of first-fruits on the morrow after the Sabbath (v 11), which might be burnt on the altar as a sweet savour (Lev 2:14-16), because unleavened.3rd. Then (50 days after) the oblation of the first-fruits at Pentecost (vv 15-17). This might not be burnt on the altar (Lev 2:12), because it was mixed with leaven!

In the antitype of this we see Christ:–
1st. Christ our Passover sacrificed for us.2nd. As the wave-sheaf of first-fruits, He was raised from the dead and became the first-fruits of them that slept (1 Cor 15:20), for in Him there was no sin (and hence no leaven).3rd. Then, after fifty days, on the Feast of Pentecost came the oblation of the first-fruits in the descent of the Holy Ghost; for “we are a kind of first-fruits of His creatures” (James 1:18). But His people are not without sin, therefore this oblation had leaven mixed with it. It could not be offered to the LORD as a “sweet savour” (Lev 2:12). It was accepted only because a sin-offering was offered with it (Lev 23:18,19), and the Priest waved all together for a wave-offering before the LORD.

This proves that the “leaven” is a type of error, evil, and sin. While the “three measures of meal” with which it was mixed and hidden typified the truth and purity of Christ and His Truth, and not the corrupt mass of mankind amongst whom it was introduced. The popular interpretation reverses the types of the meal and the leaven, and makes the leaven that which is good, and the meal that which is evil. But the great Teacher made no such mistake. “Church doctrine” is not “Bible truth,” but it is leavened meal.

The number three, therefore, must be taken as the number of Divine fulness. It signifies and represents the Holy Spirit as taking of the things of Christ and making them real and solid in our experience. It is only by the Spirit that we realise spiritual things. Without Him and His gracious operation, all is surface work: all is what a plane figure is to a solid (John 3:6). He it is who has wrought all our works in us, and by whom alone we can serve or worship (John 4:24).
Hence it is that the Holy of Holies, which was the central and highest place of worship, was a cube.

Leviticus - third Book in the Bible Leviticus – third Book in the Bible

Hence it is that the third Book in the Bible is Leviticus, the book in which we learn what true worship is. Here we see Jehovah calling His people near unto Himself, prescribing every detail of their worship, leaving nothing to their imagination or their taste, crowning all with the “MUST” of the great rubric of John 4:24. In true worship we see the FATHER seeking these true worshippers (John 4:23); the SON, the one object of all worship; and the Spirit qualifying and enduring the worshippers with the only power in which they can worship. Thus in Genesis we have sovereignty in giving life–the Father, the beginning of all things; in Exodus we have the oppressor and the Deliverer–the Son redeeming His people; while in Leviticus we have the Spirit prescribing, and ordering, and empowering them for Divine worship.


of the number is in Genesis 1:13. “The third day” was the day on which the earth was caused to rise up out of the water, symbolical of that resurrection life which we have in Christ, and in which alone we can worship, or serve, or do any “good works.”
Hence three is a number of RESURRECTION, for it was on the third day that Jesus rose again from the dead. This was Divine in operation, and Divine in its prophetic foreshowing in the person of Jonah (Matt 12:39,40; Luke 11:29; Jonah 1:17). It was the third day on which Jesus was “perfected” (Luke 13:32). It was at the third hour He was crucified; and it was for three hours (from the 6th to the 9th) that darkness shrouded the Divine Sufferer and Redeemer. The “loud voice” at the end of those twice three hours, when, “about the ninth hour,” He cried, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me” (Matt 27:46), shows completely that nothing of nature, nothing of the light or intelligence of this world, could give help in that hour of darkness. Does not this show us our impotence in the matter? Does it not prove our incapacity to aid in delivering ourselves from our natural condition?
With the light at the ninth hour came the Divine declaration, “It is finished.” So divinely finished, completed, and perfected, that now there is no such darkness for those who have died with Christ. Light, uninterrupted light, shines upon all who are risen with Him; uninterrupted sunshine–even “the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” That three hours’ darkness, therefore, testifies to our complete ruin, and our complete salvation, and shows that His people are “complete in Him.”

While we are speaking of the Divine perfections of Christ, let us note the many marks and seals of this completeness.
“The Spirit, the water, and the blood,” are the divinely perfect witness to the grace of God on earth (1 John 5:7).
The three years of His seeking fruit testifies to the completeness of Israel’s failure (Luke 13:7).
His three-fold “it is written” shows that the Word of God is the perfection of all ministry (Matt 4).
The Divine testimony concerning Him was complete in the threefold voice from Heaven (Matt 3:17, 17:5; John 12:28).
He raised three persons from the dead.
The inscriptions on the Cross in three languages show the completeness of His rejection by Man.
The perfection of His offices are shown in His being Prophet, Priest, and King, raised up from among His brethren (Deut 177:15, 18:3-5, and 18:15).
The Divine completeness of the Shepherd’s care (John 6:39), is seen in His revelations as–
The “Good Shepherd” in death, John 10:14.The “Great Shepherd” in resurrection, Hebrews 13:20.The “Chief Shepherd” in glory, 1 Peter 4:5.
His three appearances in Hebrews 9 show that His work will not be divinely perfect and complete until He appears again.
He “hath appeared” in the end of the age to “put away sin,” and to “bear the sins of many” (Hebrews 9:26,28).”Now to appear in the presence of God for us,” He has ascended into Heaven (v 24).He “shall appear” again part from all question of sin for those who look for Him (v 28).ABRAHAM’S COVENANT
To go back to the Old Testament history we have God’s Covenant with Abraham stamped with this number of Divine perfection (Gen 15). It was (like David’s, 2 Samuel 7) Divinely “ordered in all things, and sure.” God was ONE, i.e., the one party to it; for Abraham, who would willingly have been the other party, was put to sleep, that the Covenant might be unconditional, and “sure to all his seed.” The Divine seal is seen in the choice of three animals, each of three years old (the heifer, the she-goat, and the ram). These, together with the two birds (the dove and the pigeon), made five in all, marking it all as a perfect act of free-grace on the part of a sovereign God.


Christian Assemblies International The Division of Israel and Judah | Christian Assemblies International Christian Assemblies International The Division of Israel and Judah | Christian Assemblies International

is shown in “the three days’ journey into the wilderness” (Exo 5:3), marking the complete separation with which God would separate His people from Egypt then, and from the world now. We can understand Pharaoh’s objection in first wishing them to hold their feast “in the land” (Exo 8:25), and when that could not be, at last consenting to their going, but adding, “only ye shall not go very far away.” So Satan now, is well content that we should worship “in the land”; and if we must go into the wilderness, that we should be within easy reach of the world and its influences. Not so Jehovah. He will have no such borderland service; He will have a “scientific frontier,” a divinely perfect “three days’ journey into the wilderness,” completely separating them from all their old associations. The difficulty of “drawing the line,” which so many Christians experience, arises from the fact that it is a crooked line, and that it is an attempt to include that which cannot be included. Drawn at a proper distance it can be ruled straight, and be divinely perfect and effectual.

brought three things which testified to the divinely perfect goodness of the land; and the substantial realities proved the truth of Jehovah’s word: “Grapes, figs, and pomegranates” (Num 13:23).

three times Israel said, “All that the LORD hath spoken we will do” (Exo 19:8, 24:3,7), marking the completeness of the Covenant-making on the part of Israel; but from that very reason foreshadowing its perfect breach, for man has never yet kept any Covenant which he made with God.

were the three children of Anak, marking the completeness of the giant power of the enemy (Num 13:22).

was three times divided, the perfection of the Divine miracle (Josh 4; 2 Kings 2:8,14).

for Elijah was conclusive testimony that he could not be found (2 Kings 2:17).


Holy of Holies Wikipedia Holy of Holies

is marked by three, as the Tabernacle is by five. The Holy of Holies in each was a cube; in the Tabernacle a cube of ten cubits; in the Temple a cube of twenty cubits. Each consisted of three parts:–The Court, the Holy Place, and the Sanctuary. The Temple had three chambers round about. The Brazen Sea or Laver held three thousand baths; and was compassed by a line of thirty cubits on which were 300 knops (1 Kings 7:24). It was supported by twelve oxen (3×4); three looking north, three looking west, three looking south, and three looking east. This order in naming the points of the compass occurs nowhere else. It is the same in both accounts of Kings and Chronicles (see 1 Kings 7:25; 2 Chron 4:4,5). Why is this? Is it because this was the order in which the Gospel was to be afterwards preached throughout the world? Whether this was the reason or not, the fact remains that the Gospel was preached first in the north (Samaria, Damascus, Antioch); then in the west (Caesarea, Joppa, Cyprus, Corinth, Rome); then in the south (Alexandria and Egypt); then in the east (Mesopotamia, Babylon, Persia, India).

were three; Unleavened Bread, Weeks, Tabernacles (Deut 16:16).

let down three times to Peter was the fulness of the testimony as to the admission of the Gentiles into the Church (Acts 10:16).

Testimony was complete and perfect in its three-fold division–Law, Prophets, and Psalms (Luke 24:44). The same three divisions mark its character to the present day.

As three marks completeness and perfection of testimony, so it marks the number of spiritual worshippers; and intimates that true spiritual worshippers would always be few.


Japheth Ham Shem Japheth Ham Shem

Shem, Ham, and Japheth.Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.Gershom, Kohath, and Merari.Saul, David, and Solomon.Noah, Daniel, and Job.Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.Peter, James, and John, etc.
“The way of Cain.””The error of Balaam.””The gainsaying of Korah.”
MENE. God hath NUMBERED thy kingdom and finished it.TEKEL. Thou art WEIGHED in the balances and found wanting.PERES. Thy kingdom is DIVIDED and given to the Medes and Persians.
Faith, Hope, and Love, five times repeated.
Spirit, and Soul, and Body, the man consisting of neither separately, but of the whole three together.
“The lust of the flesh.””The lust of the eyes.””The pride of life.”
These seen in our first parents when Eve saw (Gen 3:6) that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was–
“Good for food,””Pleasant to the eyes,””To be desired to make one wise.”
By taking from, adding to, and altering.
This led up to the first sin.
God had said, “of every tree in the garden thou mayest FREELY eat” (Gen 2:16). In repeating this, Eve omitted the word “freely” (3:2), making God less bountiful than He was.God had said, “But of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, thou shalt not eat of it” (Gen 2:17). In repeating this Eve added the words, “NEITHER SHALL YE TOUCH IT” (3:3), making God more severe than He was.God had said, “Thou shalt SURELY die” (Gen 3:17). In repeating this Eve altered it to “LEST ye die” (3:3), thus weakening the certainty of the Divine threat into a contingency.No wonder that dealing thus with the Word of God she listened to the words of the Devil, and became an easy prey to his guile with which he deceived her.
No wonder also that “the second man,” “the last Adam,” when He was tempted by the same tempter, three times repeated the words “It is written”! as though to call attention to the occasion of the Fall in the three-fold perversions of God’s words. “It is written,” and I will not omit anything from it; “It is written,” and I will not add anything to it; “It is written,” and I will not alter it. It is worthy of note that both the temptations began in precisely the same way, by the Tempter questioning the truth of Jehovah’s Word. In the former saying, “Hath God said?” In the latter saying “If Thou be the Son of God” (Matt 4:3), when the voice from Heaven had only just declared, “This IS My beloved Son” (Matt 3:17).

are “the World, the Flesh, and the Devil”:

JOHN 5 The Spirit, the water, and the blood JOHN 5 The Spirit, the water, and the blood

The World is set over against the Father (1 John 2:15,16).The Flesh is set over against the Spirit (Gal 5:17).The Devil is set over against the son (the Living Word, Matthew 4:1, etc, and 1 John 3:8; and the Written Word, John 8:44).”ASK OF ME”
To three people did God give this command:
To Solomon (1 Kings 3:5).To Ahaz (Isa 7:11).And to the Messiah (Psa 2:9).
form a divinely perfect lesson as to prayer and its answer.
Prayer was made by the Legion of Devils, who “BESOUGHT Him, saying, Send us into the herd of swine…and forthwith Jesus gave them leave” (vv 12,13).Prayer was made by the Gadarenes, who “began to PRAY Him to depart out of their coasts” (v 17). Jesus granted their request, and departed at once (v 18).Prayer was made by the man who had just been the recipient of marvellous grace and healing, who “PRAYED Him that he might be with Him. Howbeit Jesus suffered him not” (vv 18,19).From this we learn the perfect lesson with regard to prayer, that “No” is an answer as well as “Yes”; and “No” is answered always with the same omnipotent grace, infinite wisdom, and perfect love as “Yes.” We hear much about “definiteness in prayer.” Surely the knowledge of one’s intense ignorance as to what is best and wise for us, will make us say more definitely than ever, in the words of Him through whose merits alone prayer is heard at all, “Thy will be done.”
THREE THINGS PREDICATED OF GOD (in John’s Gospel and Epistles)
“God is love” (1 John 4:8,16). We are therefore to “Walk in love” (Eph 5:2).”God is spirit” (John 4:24, RV, margin). We are exhorted to “Walk in the spirit” (Gal 5:16).”God is light” (1 John 1:5). We are to “Walk in the light” (Eph 5:8).
There are a multitude of Threes or Triads, and they all bespeak the same Divine perfection and completeness wherever they are found.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Albrecht Dürer | Knight, Death, and the Devil
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Albrecht Dürer | Knight, Death, and the Devil

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Albrecht Dürer | Knight, Death, and the Devil

The first or introductory section of the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ is specially marked by this great Divine seal stamped upon it in chapter 1.
v. 1. This Revelation is– Divinely given, Divinely sent, Divinely signified.v. 2. John bare record of– The Divine “Word of God.” The Divine witness (“the Testimony of Jesus Christ”). The Divine vision (“all things that he saw”).v. 3. The Divine blessing on– The reader, The hearer, and The keeper of this record.vv. 4 and 8. The Divine Being– Which was, And which is, And which is to come.v. 5. The Coming Lord is presented as– The Divine Prophet (“the faithful witness”). The Divine Priest (“the first-begotten from the dead”). The Divine King (“the Prince of the kings of the earth”).vv. 5, 6. His people are Divinely– Loved, Cleansed, and Crowned.vv. 17, 18. Christ is presented as– “The first and the last” (Divinely eternal). The dead and living One (Divinely living). The omnipotent One (Divinely powerful).v. 19. The Divine Revelation– The things which thou hast seen, Which are, and Which shall be after these things.
refer also in various ways to some Divinely perfect matter. We append a few examples, which may be studied in order to search out the lessons:–
(ah-dar), glorious, Exodus 15:6,11; Isaiah 42:21.(aph-see), beside me, Isaiah 47:8,10; Zephaniah 2:15.(g’moo-lah), recompense, 2 Samuel 19:36; Isaiah 59:18; Jeremiah 51:56.(nah-cheh), lame, 2 Samuel 4:4, 9:3; contrite, Isaiah 56:2.(at-teek), ancient, Daniel 7:9,13,22.(r’phoo-oth), medicines, Jeremiah 30:13, 46:11; Ezekiel 30:21.(abba), Father, Mark 14:36; Romans 8:15; Galatians 4:6.(haireomai), to choose, Philippians 1:22; 2 Thessalonians 2:13; Hebrews 11:25.(apokruphos), hid, Luke 8:17; Colossians 2:3; kept secret, Mark 4:22.(apophthengomai), speak forth, Acts 26:25; utterance, Acts 2:4; say, Acts 2:14.(acheiropoieetos), made without hands, Mark 14:58; 2 Corinthians 5:1; Colossians 2:11.(euodia), sweet savour, 2 Corinthians 2:15; Ephesians 5:2; Philippians 4:18.(kateuthuno), guide or direct, Luke 1:70; 1 Thessalonians 3:11; 2 Thessalonians 3:5.(morphee), form, Mark 16:12; Philippians 2:6,7.

PHRASES THAT OCCUR THREE TIMES are also similarly significant

“Before the foundation of the world.” John 17:24. “Thou lovedst Me before,” etc. Ephesians 1:4. “Chosen us in Him before,” etc. 1 Peter 1:20. “The blood of Christ foreordained before,” etc. (when it speaks of this blood as “shed” it is from the foundation, etc.).
The phrase occurs three times, because it is the act of Deity, and flows from uninfluenced grace.
When, however, such acts relate to His work in us rather than for us, the words, even in a similar connection, occur seven times, because seven is the number of spiritual perfection. Hence the phrase, “From the foundation of the world” occurs seven times.
“Walk worthy”
This occurs three times, as the Divine and perfect claim on our walk.
“Walk worthily” Of our vocation (Eph 4:1), Of the Lord (Col 1:10), Of God (1 Thess 2:12).
denotes the essence of such number, the concentration of the significance of the number thus expressed.
444 is the gematria or number of the word “DAMASCUS,” which is the oldest city in the world; four being the world number.666 is the number of man, and it symbolizes fitly, therefore, the essence of human wisdom, and also of imperfection.888 is the number or gematria of the name “JESUS.”999 is the number connected with judgment, hence the numerical value of the phrase my wrath, is 999. The same number is very prominent in the judgment on Sodom.
has many references, among other numbers, to the number three. The Rabbis say that there were
Three things Moses asked of God
That the Shekinah might rest on Israel.That it might rest on none but Israel.That God’s ways might be known to him. (Beracheth, fol. 7, col. 1).Three precious gifts were given to Israel
The Law.The Land.The World to come (i.e., the Heavenly Calling).Three men
handed down the ancient wisdom and Divine secrets, viz., Adam, Seth, and Enoch.Whatever may be thought of these, there can be no doubt that in the invariable employment of the number three in the Word of God, we have that which signifies Divine perfection.
God had not only good cause to delay the giving of the Torah until after the departure of Jethro, but the time He chose for bestowing it was also chosen for a good reason. Just as a female proselyte, or a woman freed from captivity, or an emancipated slave, may not enter wedlock before she has for three months lived as a free Jewess, so God also waited three months after the deliverance of Israel from the bondage and the slavery of Egypt, before His union with Israel on Mount Sinai. God furthermore treated His bride as did that king who went to the marriage ceremony only after he had overwhelmed his chosen bride with many gifts…The third month was chosen for the revelation, because everything that is closely connected with the Torah and with Israel is triple in number. The Torah consists of three parts, the Pentateuch, the Prophets, and the Hagiographa; similarly the oral law consists of Midrash, Halakah, and Haggadah. The communications between God and Israel were carried on by three, Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. Israel also is divided into three divisions, priests, Levites, and laymen; and they are, furthermore, the descendants of the three Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For God has a preference for “the third”: It was the third of Adam’s sons, Seth, who became the ancestor of humanity, and so too it was the third among Noah’s sons, Shem, who attained high station. Among the Jewish kings, too, it was the third, Solomon, whom God distinguished before all others. The number three plays a particularly important part in the life of Moses. He belonged to the tribe of Levi, which is not only the third of the tribes, but has a name consisting of three letters. He himself was the third of the children of the family; his own name consists of three letters; in his infancy he had been concealed by his mother throughout three months; and in the third month of the year, after a preparation of three days, did he receive the Torah on a mountain, the name of which consists of three letters.
(Legends of the Jews, Louis Ginzberg, Book 3)

Symbols Common to Theodish Belief and Asatru

Valknut Symbol Meaning [Origins of Odin's Triangle Valknut Symbol Meaning-Origins of Odin’s Triangle

The Valknut: As can be seen, the valknut consists of three triangles linked together. A variation has three horns interlinked. The valknutR symbolizes the power of Wóden to bind and unbind the minds of men. According to the Hávamál Wóden can place “fetters” upon his enemies, so that in battle they became panicked or frozen with fear. On the other hand, Wóden could also free a man’s mind, so that he may be unencumbered by fear in battle, so that he might receive the inspiration for writing poetry, or so that he might experience religious ecstasy. As a symbol of Wóden, the valknutR appears frequently in Theodish and Asatru circles alike. Because we are dedicated to Wóden, the valknutR is an official symbol of Wednesbury Theod, though it used very frequently elsewhere as well.

Pewter Gold Plated Trefot Viking Norse Pewter Gold Plated Trefot Viking Norse

Trefot: The trefot is another symbol associated with Wóden, sometimes appearing beside the valknutR on ancient runestones and gravestones. The number three and its multiples (particularly nine) occur often in Norse myth–there were three Norns, Wóden had two brothers, making a total of three siblings, and so on. Today it is difficult to say why the number three was so important to the elder heathen. Many today interpret the number as representing completion. That is, the number three is symbolic of something which has gone through its beginning, into a middle period, and then seen its end. Of course, it must also be pointed out that three is the most basic number, the “building block” if you will, for the family. A man and woman marry, making for a “couple” or two people together. Eventually, if things go according to the usual plan, a baby is born making for a family of three people. The number three could then have been seen as the number of reproduction or the continuation of things. Whatever the number three’s symbolism, it seems reasonable to assume that a three-footed symbol (hence the name trefot), the trefot would share in that symbolism.
ÆgishjalmaR: Literally, the “Helm or Awe (in its meaning as “terror”)”. The Helm of Awe is sometimes found beside figures of warriors and is an important symbol in Icelandic magic. Its name links it to Wóden, who could strike fear in his enemies and who has as one of his many names YggR, “he who invokes terror.” It is believed that if it is worn or traced between the brows it will strike fear into your opponents.
Note the tridents at the end of each arm.

The sacred seal of Solomon - Star of David The sacred seal of Solomon – Star of David

The Interlaced Triangles: Known in the Occident as King Solomon’s seal or star, it was called in India the seal of Vishnu. The interlaced triangles signify the bipolarity in nature – spirit and matter, or male and female. The apex of the white triangle represents the divine monad; the apex of the dark triangle, the manifested worlds. The upward triangle suggests spirit, consciousness, and concealed wisdom, which are mirrored in the downward-pointing triangle representing matter, receptive space, manifestation, or wisdom revealed. The sides of the dark triangle may stand for form, color, and substance; the three gunas or fundamental qualities; and the creative, preserving, and destructive/regenerative forces of the Hindu triad, Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. Together the triangles represent the manifested universe evolved from the central point within the serpent-circle of time and space. They also form the hexagon of six principles, cosmic and human, emanating from and synthesized by the central point, the seventh and highest self of any evolving being. Thus they express the sevenfold structure of the universe. The central cross is the inner person, touching all things from the six sides through the six triangles. The six points of the star reach outward toward the serpent of eternity, growing and evolving through time.

Solomon Star of David Solomon Star of David

THE INTERLACED TRIANGLES, one (lighter) pointing upwards and the other (darker) pointing downwards, symbolise the descent of spirit into matter and its reemergence from the confining limits of form. They also suggest the constant conflict between the light and dark forces in nature as well as the inseparable unity of spirit and matter. When depicted within the circle of the serpent, the figure represents the universe and the manifestation of Deity in time and space. The three lines and three angles of each of the two triangles may remind us of the triple aspects of spirit: existence, consciousness and bliss, and the three aspects of matter: mobility, resistance and rhythm. The glyph can also be seen as the six pointed star, embracing spiritual and physical consciousness and viewed by the Pythagoreans as the symbol of creation.

12-10-97 – VISION – I saw a symbol like a crop circle with a circle with 3 arms. They told me I was part of a trinity which made me part of the spiritual, dream, physical connection.NOTE: On 2-21-98, we received a crop circle magazine in the mail, and lo and behold we saw this pattern which so resembled by dream. I had NOT known of it’s existence prior to this. It had been discovered on Aug. 5, 1997. Here are the details of it:
DETAILS: This circle with three arms appeared in a field of ripe wheat in the field next to the 1995 double ringed circle in rape (Sx 1995/001) All crop was laid clockwise or away from the centre. Some stalks noticeably around the edge, were laid in the opposite direction, much like the Newhaven formation. A bowl-like depression was observed in the centre of rotation, a common occurrence often noticed in Sussex formations and not indicative of being man-made. Short, green barley stems growing within the formation were still standing upright. Although the pattern had been present for several days and was clearly visible from the road, it wasn’t reported until one day before harvest. The full survey was carried out on what remained two days later.

10-31-98 – DREAM – It seemed that Joe was the creator. A shape like this: appeared on the ground.  It was golden. That shape became: From that a series of shapes appeared: Someone didn’t like what those shapes did or represented and they were wiped out and the ground paved over with these shapes:
Each of these paving stone type things which were gray/white , were divided into 4 parts, and each quarter section, had a unique design on it. They looked like a series of grave markers. On the far left paving stone, I recall that the bottom left design was the same as this:  (Not positive it was this number of circles) and the top left hand corner was a series of triangles (I believe there were 3 triangles within the quarter section. (Means the 3 aspects of God)
(There was more but my memory is gone) I woke up and thought about what this meant and it suddenly hit me that this was the series of events of Creation in the Old Testament.
by Terrence Murphy
The “key” is the three triangles and the quarter section. The quarter section represents the material or physical world. The triangles are the Spiritual worlds and the personal/impersonal relationships existing therein. Four and three are seven: the perfection of man in Christ.  The significant directions are North and East.
God Love you
On the same morning, about an hour later, I went back to bed to meditate on the meaning of these symbols. While I was asking to see the dream again, the word “Tetraktys” jumped into my head. I had to ask Joe what it meant because I didn’t know.

tetraktys tetraktys

This is what Joe wrote on his Humanity on the Pollen Path – Part IV: – In Joseph Campbell’s The Inner Reaches of Outer Space, on page 128, he writes about the Great Seal of the United States. The disk above the eagle’s head has 13 stars forming a Solomon’s seal, “symbolic of the union of soul and body, spirit and matter.” It is formed by two interlaced “Pythagorean tetraktys, or ‘perfect triangle of fourness,’ of nine points, four to a side, enclosing a tenth representing the generative center.” The tetraktys is said to symbolize how the creation is created. The single star (or dot) at the top represents the One Creative source. The two stars below represent the duality. The next row of three stars represents the relative balance of the duality attributes (a dominant, b dominant or a and b in accord). The four stars on the bottom of the triangle represent everything else in creation.  Always a step ahead of me, Joe wrote this about the Triangles within Triangles: Humanity On the Pollen Path – Part II:
Pythagorean Tetraktys
The correspondence between the Shem ha-meforash and the Tetragrammaton (IHVH) is revealed when we apply another ruleof gematria to the four-letter word.
The seven dots of the tetraktys (the Elohim) form the star of David, the seventh day is in the center. (Note: that the seven dots are contained within the three dots the triad of God.)
Excerpt from The Alpha and Omega by Jim Cornwell

Then I heard, “See David’s book on creation. It’s the same story.””It’s unveiled.” This was stated by a woman sitting next to me on the bed in the astral dimension.  I then saw a Mayan priest looking left up into the sky. He was wearing long robes, brown with green squared designs around the front edges. “Other examples are ‘Celebration Feasts’.
I then saw a brown hairy animal. It looked like a cross between a hairy elephant with a long face like a horse.
I then saw a little crystal shaped like the above nipple shapes. It was called an “Amphora”. It was placed in front of me. It was about finger size or smaller.I then heard, “There is a lot of hard evidence.””His name is Taylor” and he laughed. then he said, “How do you know?” and laughed again. (I think he laughed because our granddaughter is named Taylar.”
I then saw a web page with 6 rectangles over on the right side. I’m thinking it might be Laura Lees. One of the rectangles said, “Soundcast”. (This made me think the author is well-known.)
NOTE: After I got out of bed, I went outside to get the mail and paper in. Towards the East was two triangle shaped clouds. one was pointed East and the other one pointed north. They were almost side by side in the sky, and looked like they were painted in the sky with a paint brush with lines and were very small.  The other clouds in the sky in the south and the west were normal roundish clouds and were large.

8-12-99 – VISION – I saw three Chinese women levitated above the ground in lotus position. They were on the right and seated in a triangle shape with each other.

Physical World

lithium lithium

Atomic Number Three – Lithium deuteride is the explosive material of the hydrogen bomb and may eventually be the fuel of controlled fusion reactors. There is great power in three.
Three Primary Colors – using the three primary colors all other colors can be produced including white
The surface of the earth – is one third land, two thirds water.
Three stages – the number of stages of a rocket necessary to best achieve orbit for heavy loads.
In 1293, on his way back from China, Marco Polo got a taste of South India when he stopped along the Malabar Coast. He records a meeting he had with a group of yogi alchemists who, by preparing a tincture of mercury and sulfur, were afforded a lifespan of 150-200 years. Mercury was viewed as the seminal seed of Shiva. It formed a part of the alchemical triad of mercury sulfur and air, corresponding to the trinity of moon sun, and wind. Breath controlled through the practices of Pranayama, transformed the body’s winds into a spiritual mediator that could unify the solar and lunar currents within the body. Much like the alchemical process applied air to mercury and sulfur to form the amalgam that brought the work to completion.
Consciousness was seen to ride the vehicle of breath into union with the absolute in the Sahasrara chakra at the top of the head. The Siddha could, through the intercession of the Goddess, placated by manipulation of the breath, expand consciousness to the point where it becomes what is called the Maha Chitta or “Great Awareness” which is the God Shiva himself. Here is one of the closing verses of Bhogar’s discussion of Kundalini Yoga..


9 choirs of angels 9 choirs of angels

The angelic beings, or celestial intelligences, are divided into three triads, containing the nine orders, and whose names, as we shall see, represent the divine attributes that they manifest to all below them. Continuing from the fine introduction to the work, Dionysius says these divine attributes also have an inner relation with every human soul, for through their ministrations the aspiring soul becomes liberated from the bondage of material things, receives knowledge of that soul’s purpose, and is enabled to live its true life, ultimately attaining its divine likeness to the full.
The first order of the first triad is seraphim. They are described in the passage already quoted from Isaiah as the “burning” or “fiery” ones, from whom the stream of superessential grace flows (God transcends all essence). Like fire, the seraphim consume all that separates the human from God. The second order is cherubim. The name “cherub” means “fullness of knowledge”. Through cherubim, the energy of God streams forth as a transcendental light that perfectly illuminates the soul and unites it with the divine wisdom. It imparts a full and lucid understanding to the universal divine immanence. In the Bible, cherubs are depicted as great winged creatures – for instance, in the construction of the Ark in the wilderness (Exodus 25.18 passim), King Solomon’s majestic temple (1 Kings 6.23 passim) and the visions of Ezekiel (Ezekiel 1.10 and 10.1 passim). In one passage, the cherub is portrayed as a flying creature on which God travelled in order to help King David (2 Samuel 22.11). All this shows how hard it is for the human mind to avoid conceptualizing a formless energy The third order of the first triad are the thrones; these are divine seats through which the soul is lifted up to God and becomes established in the constancy of the divine service. This first triad is closest at all times to the divine presence.
In the second triad come first the dominions, or dominations, that are free from all earthly passions, from all inward inclination to the bondage of discord, and from all that is low; they display a liberal superiority to harsh tyranny, and an exemptness from degrading servility. They are true lords, perpetually aspiring to true lordship, and to the Source of Lordship. The second order of the second triad are the virtues, that have a powerful and unshakable virility welling forth into all their God-like energies. There is no weakness in them: instead, they ascend unwaveringly to the superessential virtue which is the Source of Virtue, and flow forth providentially to those below. The third order are the powers, or authorities, that are invested with a capacity to regulate intellectual and supermundane power which never debases its authority by tyrannical force, but is irresistibly urged onward in due order to the Divine. This order beneficently leads those below it, as far as possible, to the supreme power which is the Source of Power. It re-directs the forces that fetter the human mind to earthly things. Through this second triad, the soul is liberated from all that is below, and assimilated to that which is above.
The third, and lowest, triad is concerned with the final execution of the work of providence, which is God’s beneficent care for his creatures. The principalities exhibit divine lordship and true service; through them, the soul may turn from attachment to earthly activities to the service of God, so as ultimately to become a co-worker with the divine ministers. The archangels imprint the divine seal on all things, whereby the universe is the written word of God. They impart to the soul the spiritual light through which it may learn to read the Bible, and also to know and use its own faculties correctly. The lowest order of this triad is the angels, who minister to all things of nature, including humans, by purifying and uplifting them.
In this triadic scheme, the higher orders inspire those lower than they, but not vice versa. Thus it is clear that the third triad is nearest the world, and transmits the illumination received from above. The end of the process is the transfiguration of the whole of the universe in the glorious light that proceeds from on high. This whole hierarchy spreads the divine light through the cosmos, that vast realm that includes the universe, as far as human understanding can define it, and also the psychic plane where we may meet the spirits of the dead and also the communion of saints and the ministry of angels. The great work of the angelic hierarchy is to praise and glorify God. This praise is not a rational acclaim so much as a great paean of joy that the world is as it is and that the angels are privileged both to know it and to participate in it. This is how we should say the Gloria of the Eucharist: that we are privileged to partake of the body and blood of the Saviour If the whole cosmos could resound to that praise, and move beyond prejudice and emotional bonds, we would pour out peace and goodwill to all creatures. The angelic hierarchy, with its enlightened will turned resolutely to the divine presence, helps to bring forward the Kingdom of God on earth – and elsewhere in our unimaginably glorious cosmos.
And so it is that all aspiring human souls move to the divine presence, aided by an immense angelic hierarchy, none more important than the other. If the humble angel leads the way, the destination is through the cherub and seraph to the source of all being whom we call God. It may well be that much illumination from the Holy Spirit comes to us through the angelic hierarchy, centering on our own guardian angel. One thing is certain, though: we must worship the Holy Trinity and no other power.

The chthonic triad as a three-headed snake. In this alchemical instruction for androgyny, one and three snakes represent the uniting of the One with the Three, or “Divine Union”.

Wikipedia Trident of Poseidon Trident of Poseidon

Poseidon (Greek) One of the twelve great Olympian deities, a son of Ouranos and Gaia, brother of Zeus and Hades; represented by the Latins as Neptunus. The brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are respectively the gods of heaven, the intermediate world or water, and of the underworld; and these represent the three great generalized powers or forces, each one ruling or vitalizing his respective third of the seven manifest cosmic planes. Poseidon presides over water, especially the ocean, and over horses, which he brought forth by a stroke of his trident on the earth. His symbols are the dolphin, one of his executive ministers; the trident; and the horse. It is Poseidon who shakes the earth and raises and quells storms at sea. He had numerous offspring by many wives, both mortal and immortal; mostly of a violent unruly character like himself — titans and giants. He stands as a personation of the spirit and race of Atlantis; for he is lusty, sensual, and at war with heaven. To consummate his intrigues, he assumes the forms of various animals — a way of alluding to bestial Atlantean black magic. The symbol is complex, for he is also a dragon. He is related to the northern constellations of Draco, Delphinus, and Pegasus (or Equus, the horse). Equivalent to Chozzar of the Peratae Gnostics and the good serpent of the Nazarenes (cf SD 2:578). As god of the waters he parallels Idaspati, Narayana, Vishnu, and Varuna.
Jambala (Tibetan: Dzambhala) is the God of wealth and appropriately a member of the Jewel family. His fat belly shows his prosperity and has a mongoose on his left thigh that vomits jewels as he squeezes it. In his right hand he holds a flaming wish-fulfilling jewel which is symbolic for the riches one attains with the wealth of spirituality. He is primarily black in color and has the stunted, thick form of a dwarf with a potbelly. He is seated sideways on a dragon with his right foot down and his knee up. In his white form, he is holding a trident and a scepter.
Anyavathi: Picturing the many faceted Divine and symbolizing, in perceivable ways, the attributes that are evidenced in each facet, the seeker endeavours to acquire the Presence of the Divine. One Form of the Divine, the Omnipresent (Vishnu) is pictured as having the Conch (symbol of the Primeval word or Sound), the Wheel (symbol of Time) and the Mace (symbol of Might and Majesty). With the facet to which is ascribed the power and willingness to overcome obstacles (Vighneswara), the single tusk symbolizing sharpness and concentration is associated, Iswara or Siva (the facet of disintegration and dissolution) has the Soola or Trident (symbolizing in its three prongs, the Past, the Present and the Future). Rama, the form of righteousness or Dharma is always pictured with the Kodanda, the bow which can send the arrow (will) straight to the target, Krishna, the manifestation of Universal love, has on His crown a peacock feather, symbolizing the thousand-eyed, glance of Grace. He bears a flute on which He plays enthralling tunes; the flute is the symbol of the ego-less desire-less seeker. The facet of wisdom pictured as the Goddess Saraswathi, has a Veena in Her hand; the Veena is a stringed musical instrument, symbolic of heart-strings responding, with harmony and melody, to the gentle touch of the true, the good and the beautiful. Seekers meditate on these pleasing personifications and the significance of the symbols of their attributes and adore the Divine in the delight that wells up in their hearts. This is named Anyavathi Path – the Path through symbolised Divinity, Anya meaning the other, the adjunctory, the appurtenance.

11:9 · These signs are known as Jupiter’s staff in Roman mythology. Jupiter was the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus and the Germanic god Woden or Odin. See  , Odin’s staff, in Group 24.    The sign for the fish spear,   or  , is the staff of Poseidon (Greece) or of Neptune (Rome). Jupiter’s staff is this staff doubled. If we remove the barbs from Jupiter’s staff and turn it 90 degrees we are left with the graph for the zodiacal sign of Pisces. It is not surprising, then, that both Jupiter (according to the old tradition) and Neptune (according to modern astrology) are the ruling planets of Pisces.     The ideogram   is quite common on rock carvings from the neolithic age.    Compare the staff of Jupiter with the sign for the staff of the Assyric-Babylonian godhead Adad,  . Whatever variation, all these staffs of the mightiest of the gods were associated with lightning, thunderstorms, and the power to agitate the waters. 5:1 · The graphic structure   was used in the earliest known runic alphabet, but was usually carved  . In the antiquity this structure was a graph for the staff of Poseidon (Greece) or Neptune (Rome). It is usually drawn with the addition of barbs or flukes as a fish-spear,  . Sometimes it has appeared as an iconic sign for paddle on prehistoric rock carvings and similar pictorial representations. In pictorial reproductions of hell from the Middle Ages the sign   was occasionally used to signify the spears used by the smaller devils or the Evil One, Satan himself, to torture and torment the poor human sinners in the hellfire. The sign   is related to both the element of water and its opposite, the element of fire (the polarity of meanings of elementary graphs). This also implies that it is related to thunderstorms with their combination of falling water and striking fire, , the lightnings, which together with its enormous accompanying sound, the thunder, is the ancient gods’ primary expression of their power. Compare with   in Group 47.    This sign, like  , is used in comic strips together with crossbones, exclamation marks, and ideograms for lighting and defecation, as signs for curses or great wrath.    There are several signs for staffs of thunder and lightning, held in the hands of gods on sculptures, pictures and hieroglyphic representations. Different types of staff signs are shown in entry   Poseidon got his trident staff as a weapon given to him by the three sons of Uranus Compare   with  , the sign for Pisces, and with that of the planet Neptune,  , both of whose structures are similar.    In both the French and the British system of hobo signs  means work or here they give you food if you work.   5:6 · The trident with barbs or flukes is a common sign for the staff of Poseidon or Neptune. See the entries   above, and  below in this group.   7:3 · Sign for thunder and lightning, and divine power from the Euphrates-Tigris region; the staff of Adad.    It is probably a graphic representation of a Group of flashes of lightning.    See also   in Group 11. Zeus decided to punish humanity for its evil ways. Other Gods grieved at the destruction because there would be no beings to worship them. Zeus promised a new stock, a race of miraculous origin. He was going to use thunderbolts when he remembered one of Fate’s decrees: that a time would come when sea and earth and dome of the sky would blaze up, and the massive structure of the universe would collapse in ruins. With Poseidon’s help, he caused storm and earthquake to flood every part of the land except the summit of Mount Parnassus. When Zeus crushed the hanging clouds in his hand, there was a loud crash, and sheets of rain fell from heaven. The rivers began rushing to the sea. When Neptune struck the earth with his trident, the rivers raced across the plains. Sea and earth could no longer be distinguished; all was sea without any shores, covering every living being except for one fortunate couple, Deucalion and Pyrrha. Earlier, Deucalion and Pyrrha had consulted Themis at her oracular shrine. She warned of a future flood, and they prepared by acquiring a boat. In time, their boat ran aground on the summit of Mount Parnassus. (Note: This is the mountain at Delphi, “navel of the earth” and home of the great oracle.)
Recognizing their piety, Zeus allowed them to live and withdrew the waters. It was then that Deucalion and Pyrrha remembered the other oracle given by Themis: to repopulate the world by throwing “behind you the bones of your great mother.” Pyrrha didn’t want to injure her mother’s ghost by disturbing her bones. Prometheus soothed her fears. “Oracles are righteous and never advise guilty action…” They decided that the “bones” were stones in the body of the earth (“Great Mother”). They threw the stones, which became humans; men of the stones thrown by Deucalion; women, of those cast by Pyrrha. Animals were produced by earth of its own volition. According to Plato: “Many great deluges have taken place during the nine thousand years.”
The triquetra (from a latin word meaning “three cornered”), is an ancient symbol for the Trinity. It comprises three interwoven arcs, distinct yet equal and inseparable, symbolizing that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are three distinct yet equal Persons and indivisibly One God.

Geocentric celestial spheres; Peter Apian's Cosmographia (Antwerp, 1539) Geocentric celestial spheres; Peter Apian’s Cosmographia (Antwerp, 1539)

Please remember that this figure is a diagram. The elements, the principles, of the kosmos are not really one above another, like a series of steps, or like the rungs of a ladder. This figure is a diagram only, that is, it is a symbol. The elements of the kosmos, the principles of  the kosmos, the spheres of the kosmos, are within each other, the most spiritual being the inmost. But this being impossible in representation on a plane surface, we have to figurate the idea schematically, diagrammatically, paradigmatically. Therefore this figure  merely shows first, that there are seven planes in kosmos. Let us next represent the evolving and originating life forces, the gods and the intelligences of the three higher planes, by a triangle, using the old Platonic and Pythagorean symbol — a beautiful symbol — because it shows and suggests the originating point, the kosmic point, the seed, from which all divine things spring; and which shows the apex of the triangle also vanishing, as it were, through the highest plane, through a laya-center, a neutral center, a nirvana of all things less or lower than it, vanishing more inward into something higher. Exactly as a seed, an acorn, for instance, will bring forth an oak, in its turn shedding its harvest of acorns, so the kosmic seed sends forth from itself these hosts of hierarchies of beings, themselves producing other lower hosts on the downward scale. Let us then represent this process by a triangle.The four lower planes of the figure, which are the four lower kosmic planes, represent all the states that man can reach to in his present period of development. Our own atmic essence springs forth from the fourth kosmic plane, counting downwards. Further, let us next represent our planetary chain in the following manner, that is to say, by inscribing circles, seven of them, on these planes, two on each plane, with the exception of the lowest plane where we inscribe only one circle, representing our own globe Terra. Then, we number these circles respectively, beginning with the left and going downwards, A, B, C, D; and then going upwards, E, F, and G. Please note that there are two circles or globes on each plane, with the exception of globe D, our own. These seven “planes” are really the seven kosmic elements respectively.

Mappa Mundi 2 from Bede, De naturarerum Mappa Mundi 2 from Bede, De naturarerum

Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy by G. de Purucker chapter 35
NOTE: The 7 planes are the understanding of some of the various metaphysics groups which are teaching ‘truth’.  There are many others who understand that there are more than 7 planes of reality. In the path of mankind, each has his own standard of truth as he is able to grasp and understand. This does not make anyone wrong. . .as those who believe in 7 planes can only achieve 7 planes of existence, thus they are correct. Those who understand the 12 planes of reality are able to achieve 12 planes and they are also correct. In the higher  realms everyone creates their own reality according to their beliefs and thus there is no right or wrong.
Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy by G. de Purucker chapter 7
Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy by G. de Purucker chapter 11
9-12-97 – Dream. I typed all night.  Just as I was waking up, I saw the symbol for Shekinah (The female aspect of God)
1-8-98 – VISIONS: I saw a small magazine similar to FATE magazine. It was called THE OCCULT LOOK BOOK.
I saw a large circle with a very small circle in the center. At the top was a triangle with the point towards the  enter, and little marks going out toward the rounded edge. Below that, it said, 2012, RETURN TO ZERO POINT.
I saw a large circle with writing in each of the quadrants where clock numbers would be. I heard a voice say, “This is not going to work. This is not going to work!” Somehow I knew that Noah’s Ark will actually be found.
I saw something that was an “official counter” and heard bells tinkling very prettily.
3-7-98 – DREAM – I was in a school-like place and it felt and seemed like we were all older teenagers. The boys were having contests of skill with each other. None of the girls were welcome to participate as we were considered too dumb or inept.
I have forgotten what kind of game took place inside the school, but the second game was outside. Before I went to the game, I walked up to the 12th floor on a spiral staircase. This was also somewhat part of the game with one of the boys like "I dare you" type thing because girls can't do it.
I accomplished this, then went back down and outside. It was a long walk from my 16th St. house to the location of the contest which was on Teutonia and Meinecke Aves. (I was actually baptized in a Lutheran church on that corner)
I started walked and running and walking towards the location, but I felt as though I was going too fast, so  I stopped on 15th and Clark and just stood on the corner so it wouldn't seem I was too eager to show off.  While I stood there, a large white enclosed van sent by and went south on 15th St. He was delivering big screen white television sets to houses there. He saw me standing on the corner and I had been there a long time already so I decided I would continue my walk because I didn't want him to wonder why  I was there loitering.
I hurried to the site of the contest where there was a huge triangle in the sky in the East. It was a right angled triangle with balls on the corners. It was shaped like:

The contest was an attempt by the boys to somehow make the triangle become a: triangle.

The boys were certain that I couldn't possibly accomplish this and wouldn't even let me try, so I went further north on Teutonia and stepped on a large button on the side of the road by the sidewalk which made two triangles pop into view in the sky in the East.

The boys were not aware that I was even there, nor did they know that I could step on another button and change the triangles as I desired just with thought or step on the button and make them disappear from view completely because I had created them in the first place.
4-10-99 – VISION – I saw two triangles…one from the left and one from the right. They came together, one  above the other, then I saw the number 172. (perhaps a timing number)
Vision and Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 November 1994 at 7:49 AM.A vision of a triangle with the corners sectioned off with an eye in the center.  Prophecy: The Lord said, “We are Three and We are watching. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”
THE TRIANGLEThe equilateral triangle (as the single-axis symmetric triangle) is newer than ; ;  ;  , but older than, for example, the pentagram and the swastika. Seems hardly to have been used in prehistoric age, i.e., it is not seen on old rock carvings and cave paintings.
is first and foremost associated with the holy, divine number of 3.
Graphically, we can exemplify it with the opposites  and  , which when synthesized become .
Xenocrates, who died in 324 B.C., stated that the triangle was a symbol for God. In Christian symbolism it stands for the   Holy Trinity.
It is also a symbol for power and, as such, related to danger. But according to the law of the polarity of meanings of the elementary graphs, it also means success, prosperity, and safety. The Hittites used it to mean well, good, or healthy. As is often the case with basic gestalts the two meanings are sometimes united in the same sign occurrence.
This is case when  is used as a traffic sign, where it indicates danger or a threat, but also safety for those who observe the sign.
Both in Tibet and in European alchemy in the Middle Ages,  signified the element of fire. With a line added,  or  , it was transformed into the alchemical symbol for the element of air. The alchemical symbols for the element water   and the element earth  . It can also be drawn   The symbolt of fire; , the air; and  representing ether or the fifth element.  This sign represented the king in the Hittites hieroglyphic system. The above entry turned upside down is denoted woman in prehistoric times and was used by the Sumerians from about 3000 B.C. Its adopts a negative spectrum of meaning. A sign representing a man. An ideogram that represents a woman with child, from the sign for woman. This sign is part of so-called family system. A sign meaning a family. It is a combination of the signs for woman, man, and woman with child.. An ideogram belonging to the same system with the last three ideograms. It represents a pregnant woman. This sign is used in meteorology to indicate rain showers..
In the case of the BEE, it is the number three which pervades its phenomena—In three days the egg of the queen is hatched.It is fed for nine days (3×3).It reaches maturity in 15 days (5×3).The worker grub reaches maturity in 21 days (7×3).And is at work three days after leaving its cell.The drone matures in 24 days (8×3).The bee is composed of three sections,— head and two stomachs.The two eyes are made up of about 3,000 small eyes, each (like the cells of the comb) having six sides (2×3).Underneath the body are six (2×3) wax scales with which the comb is made.It has six (2×3) legs. Each leg is composed of three sections.The foot is formed of three triangular sections.The antennae consist of nine (3×3) sections.The sting has nine (3×3) barbs on each side.Is this design? or is it chance? Why should it be the number three instead of any other number? No one can tell. We can only observe  the wondrous working of supernatural laws, and admire the perfection of design.

A follow up e-mail from Gary Val Tenuta – 11-26-99TO: Dee Finally got around to visiting your new page about the number “3”. Really, REALLY, superb! Fascinating as hell. Must have taken you countless hours.
Couldn’t resist a little number crunching while I was there. Here’s what I found:
by Terrence Murphy
The “key” is the three triangles and the quarter section. The quarter section represents the material or physical world. The triangles are the Spiritual worlds and the personal/ impersonal relationships existing therein. Four and three are seven: the perfection of man in Christ.  The significant directions are North and East.
The alphanumeric sum of NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST is 270, a number which reduces to 9 and is, of course, three 3’s. But it so happens that the only combination of two directions that sums to a 3-number is NORTH and EAST:
(NORTH)75 + (EAST)45 = 120 =1+2+0 = 3.
Then somewhere on your page, or maybe it was on one of the pages you linked, there was a discussion about “the three children of Anak”. They were Ahiman, Sheshai, and Talmai.
ANAK=27 (a base 10 harmonic of 270 as in NORTH+SOUTH+EAST+WEST), which reduces to 9, or three 3’s.
The alphanumeric sum of these three names (AHIMAN+SHESHAI+TALMAI) is 171, which reduces to 9, which is three 3’s.
And the phrase:
“THE THREE CHILDREN OF ANAK” = 210 = 2+1+0 = 3
Again, either on your page or on one of the linked pages, there was a discussion on the three attributes of God: Love, Spirit, Light.
(LOVE)54 + (SPIRIT)91 + (LIGHT)56 = 201 = 2+0+1 = 3
Also, the three phrases used on the page were:
GOD IS LOVE (1John 4:8, 16)
GOD IS SPIRIT (John 4:24)
GOD IS LIGHT (1John 1:5)
It just happens that the combined sum of these exact phrases reduces to 3:
108+145+110 = 363 = 12 = 3
There was also mention of “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”.
The alphanumeric value of that phrase is:
Not only does this reduce to 9 which is three 3’s but it is also the number of degrees in a circle, as in full circle from “Good” to “Evil”.
And finally, from my web site Synchroni-City:
The alpha-forms of the numbers 1 through 9:
ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE, divide up into three groups according to the number of letters in the word:
Group 1 (three letters): ONE, TWO, SIX
Group 2 (four letters): FOUR, FIVE, NINE
Group 3 (five letters): THREE, SEVEN, EIGHT
The total number of letters in the three groups is 14 and some of these letters are used more than once. The frequency count breaks down like this:
E-8, F-2, G-1, H-2, I-4, N-4, O-3, R-2, S-2, T-3, U-1, V-2, W-1, X-1
The sum of the frequency count is 36, which reduces to 9, which is three 3’s.
Again, the groups are divided into 3-letter words, 4-letter words, and 5-letter words:
3+4+5 = 12 = 3
There are only three of these words whose alphanumeric values reduce to 6, thus giving us the triple number 666. These three words  are FOUR, FIVE, and NINE (Group 2). The numeric forms of these three words add up to a significant holy number:
60(FOUR) + 42(FIVE) + 42(NINE) = 144, which reduces to 9, which is three 3’s.
Also, the sum of the numeric forms of the three words in each of the three groups total a number which reduces to 9, or three 3’s, as shown here:
Group 1: 1(ONE) + 2(TWO) + 6(SIX) = 9, three 3’s
Group 2: 4(FOUR) + 5(FIVE) + 9(NINE) = 18 = 9, three 3’s
Group 3: 3(THREE) + 7(SEVEN) + 8(EIGHT) = 18 = 9, three 3’s
Trigono/metriX: the Trigonometric Table and Ancient Reckoning By Charles William Johnson
The Metaphysics of Music and Harmony
The Rhythm of Number Three – Biblical
The Logos and Man
The Triad of the 4th Degree of the Knights of Columbus
The Irish Fairies and Rainbows
Dreams of the Triple Goddesses
Dreams of the Triple Males
The Origin of the Rosary
Monads – Centers of Consciousness
Kalahansa and Kalachakra
Star of David Ministries
The Celtic genius cucullatus
The Five Pointed and Six Pointed Stars
Alphanumeric Patterns
Helen Blavatsky’s writings on the Triad and Triangle
Triad(s).Agni, Vayu, Surya (Vedic) I 90
Akkadian II 54
Aristotle’s, misinterpretation I 615-18
arupa I 213-14
becomes the Tetraktys I 60, 99
Chaldean II 26n
crocodile symb of human I 220 &n
diagram of I 242
emanates seven other numbers I 427
Father, Mother, Son I 18
female II 463
first II 80
firstborn, or O2, N2, H2 I 623
Gnostic I 351
higher, emanates quaternary II 595
higher, lower, & planets II 462
immortal, spiritual I 237
initial, manifested, creative I 278
intelligible & intellectual II 599
kabbalistic I 352, 354-5, 384
lower, emanated by quaternary II 595
monad evolves, & retires I 427, 573-4
planetary I 574 &n
Pythagorean I 440-1; II 599-600
root of manifestation I 15, 18
Theban, explained II 464
three in one I 278
Trimurti or II 591
upper Sephirothal I 130
which disappears at death I 122n
The Third Logos
TriangleTriangle(s)becomes Tetraktis I 60
in a circle I 613-14
circle, point & I 320-1
cube, circle & I 612
Deity is abstract, (occultism) I 19
double, & races (Isis Unveiled) II 533
double interlaced I 118; II 36, 533, 591-2
equilateral, Parker on I 316
Father-Mother-Son II 582
fire in possession of II 79
first came three or the II 594
first of the geometric figures II 575
first One or I 131
Gnostic I 351
kabbalistic I 354-5
kosmic, explained I 614-15
lower line of II 80
manifested, & hidden Tetraktys II 312n
marriage ceremony & I 614-15n
mysterious seven born fr upper II 574
point becomes, & quaternary II 612
pyramids & I 616-17
Pythagorean I 612; II 24, 111n
quaternary &, septenary man II 591-3
quaternary, Tetraktys & I 614
side lines of II 57
space, matter, spirit II 612
in the square II 36, 626
symbol of Deity I 113n
symbology of, (Ragon) II 575
ten dots & seven points I 612; II 111n
vehicle of Deity II 582
The Cycle Of Time Number 432
The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Three”
“The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Five”
“The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Nine”
“The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Eleven”
The Number 26 – The Mayan Connection
49 The Levels of Consciousness / connected to 210
“The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number 72”
“The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number 153”
The Numbers of God
Code Of The Ancients

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    Hebrew translation to English is mirrored opposite as
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    Something big is coming but we have a chance to stop it or overcome it.

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