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Three Types of Government

types of government
basic forms of government
basic forms of government

Government refers to the structure of institutions that make collective decisions for a society. Types of government vary by distribution of political power, but in general, most forms fit into one of three categories.


The three main types of government are

  1. monarchy
  2. democracy
  3. oligarchy
who rules
who rules


Under a monarchy, meaning rule of one, all governmental power is traditionally vested in a single ruler, usually a king or queen. However, in some modern monarchies, such as the United Kingdom, the monarch’s function is largely ceremonial.


The term comes from Greek, meaning “rule by many.” In a democracy, the people themselves exercise political power directly, or through elected representatives.


The governments of the United States, and many Western nations are basically democratic, although their characteristics vary.


India, with a population over more than 1 billion, is often referred to as the world’s largest democracy.


Oligarchy means rule by the few, in which a small elite controls political power. Oligarchic systems range from military dictatorships to one-party totalitarian systems, such as those in China, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union.

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