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Palm Reading – Major Hand Lines

Palm Lines
Palm Lines

What are the lines on the palm of your hand?

Palmistry with the meaning of palm reading or hand prediction is to learn a person’s personalities, fortune and future by analyzing his/her hands. It is also called Chiromancy. In fact, palmistry not only refers to the reading of one’s hand or palm, it also includes the reading of arm, finger and fingernail.
There are three major lines on your palm
These include the:
  1. heart line
  2. head line
  3. life line

The major hand lines represent

  1. emotional energy (heart line)
  2. mental energy (head line)
  3. physical energy (life line)

In simple terms, body, mind and soul. They are found on every hand, even if the heart line and head line are sometimes merged into one line, called the simian line.

In the video, Andrew Mason explains hand topography, all the lines on the palm and what to expect from his book, Vedic Palmistry.

Andrew Mason Explains Vedic Palmistry

The heart line

The heart line starts on the left side of your hand and curves upwards towards your index finger. The heart line depicts your emotions and anything related to love. If this line starts right below your index finger, then you are satisfied with your love life. If the line starts directly below the middle finger, this means that you have a materialistic and selfish view of love. If the line begins between the middle and index fingers, this means that you fall in love too easily. A straight and short line indicates a lack of interest in romance as well as a high sex drive. A line pointing downward and touching your life line means that it is easy for your heart to get broken. A long, curvy line means that you freely express emotions. A line that is parallel (to the head line) and straight means that you have a good handle on your emotions.

A long, continuous heart line that curves upward to reach the mount under the index finger (as shown on the illustration) indicates a great ability to love and express love with spontaneity. You have an open, sincere, and emotionally sound temperament.

If the line is long but it goes down towards the thumb, love will be more rational, i.e., you will needreasons to love and may expect a lot from your partner.

If your heart line is round and reaches between the index finger and the middle finger, you tend to be sentimental and you need to make sure your decisions are not ruled by your emotions.

When the line is short, i.e. it stops under the middle finger, or even the ring finger, you may be reluctant to show your feelings. You have a preference for physical passion, comfort, and sensual pleasures, over emotional depth.

The head line

The head line starts on the right side of the hand and ends parallel with your ring finger. The head line depicts your intellect and includes your mental status (i.e., any mental problems) plus dealing with how you think. A curved live means that you are creative and a short line means that you lean towards physical achievements rather than mental achievements. If your life line is separated from your head line, this means that you are adventurous and enthusiastic about life. A wavy line indicates a lack of deep thinking and a short attention span. A deep, long, horizontal line indicates focused and clear thinking. A straight line indicates realistic thinking.

To simplify things, just check whether the line is long or short, curved or straight.

With a long head line, i.e., when the line ends below the baby finger, you won’t hesitate to try new things or take risks and will have a sense of purpose. You could even be very smart!

If the head line is short, i.e., if it terminates under the ring finger or even before, you will be more tempted to surround yourself with visible signs of security such as material possessions, money (more greed than need), a job that you may not like, etc.

A slightly curved head line shows flexibility of the mind. You are probably a good listener and able to react well to others’ opinions.

Finally, a very straight head line tends to make you unyielding. You may have a tendency to resist others’ ideas.

The life line

The life line will start on the right side of your hand near the edge and will end close the wrist. This line is also referred to as the vital line. The life line shows what kind of life you will have, how long your life will be and what the quality of your life will be like. A life line close to your thumb indicates chronic fatigue while a curvy line indicates a lot of energy. A long, deep life line indicates a vital, healthy life. A short and shallow line means that your life is controlled by others. A straight line close to the end of the palm means that you hold yourself back from relationships and are very cautious. A line that forms half a circle indicates passion and strength. More than one life line indicates a positive force or vitality around you.

If the line is continuous and round, without any break, you probably have a very harmonious physical life, and are happy to “go with the flow”.

If the line is rather short, it doesn’t mean you are going to die at a young age; it just means that there will be a time in your life when you will use your body in a different and less physical fashion than before, maybe because of a change in activity (from active to sedentary), the cessation of an occupation (retirement), or anything else that would modify the use of the body.

If the line is more straight than curved, you may have a tendency to go against the current and to hold on to things instead of letting go.

If the line is really diagonal, finishing on the other side of the hand, life will be seen more as a struggle and the need for excitement may be a big part of your life.

This is only a very brief presentation of the three major hand lines, which can take many, many forms and provide a lot more information than what I am presenting here.

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  1. Modern-day palmistry, or chiromancy, is rooted in Indian astrology and Roman fortune-telling, so you can say that you’re about to dabble in an ancient tradition.

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