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Three Little Pigs by Green Jelly

Three Little Pigs by green jelly

Album: Cereal Killer Soundtrack          Released: 1993
US Chart: 17     UK Chart: 5

This, and all the other songs on the album, were all first released on video in 1992. They all had videos accompanying the songs, and it could not be purchased in a music-only format. Because of this, the band billed itself as the world’s first video-only band, even though they had released an EP and some singles before the video.

The video for this song features a clay-animated reenactment of the fairy tale about the Three Little Pigs. The song tells a distorted version of the classic children’s story, with the first 2 pigs living a slacker lifestyle and the third a very successful pig who summons Rambo to kill the wolf.

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