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Three Finger Challenge

Three Finger Challenge Dividing the Internet
The THREE FINGER CHALLENGE Is Dividing The Internet!


Inglorious Bastard's
Inglorious Bastard’s

In the movie Inglorious Bastard’s, the spy, undercover as a German officer, orders another round of whiskey, telling the bartender, “Drei Gläser (three glasses) and holding three fingers up — his index, middle, and ring finger. … A true German would have ordered “three” with the index, middle finger, and thumb extended.

three countries using three fingers
three countries using three fingers

The French also start counting with their thumb for one. For two, they hold up the thumb and index finger. For three, they hold up the thumb, index finger and middle finger. In Costa Rica the three finger ‘OK” sign is used. 

Anti Defamation League says 'OK' hand sign not a white supremacist hate symbol
Anti Defamation League says ‘OK’ hand sign not a white supremacist hate symbol

One of America’s oldest civil rights organizations has said it does not think the thumb and forefinger “OK” hand gesture is a white supremacist sign.

The Anti-Defamtion League (ADL) issued the clarification after two journalists known to be supporters of Donald Trump made the sign while standing behind the podium at the White House press briefing room.

The two reporters vehemently denied they were either white supremacists or that they were making a sign in support of such views. However, the image of them sparked a storm on social media, with some commentators arguing that the symbol was a way to indicate ‘white power’, as reported by The Independent.

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Shira Lazar - Backstage Conversations
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Three Emperors’ League

informal alliance formed in 1872 by the emperors of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia. Its aims were to preserve the social order of the conservative powers of Europe and to keep the peace between Austria-Hungary and Russia, which were traditional rivals. The league was eventually superseded by the TRIPLE ALLIANCE AND TRIPLE ENTENTE.

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Three Roles for German Foreign Policy Towards Russia

Posted by Editors in German Politics, International Economics, Transatlantic Relations on Tuesday, December 9. 2008

Our regular commenter Zyme from Bavaria has written the following guest post:

Three traits of modern German foreign policy have manifested themselves in recent events:

1. Germany as the Representative of Russia's interests in the West

2. Germany as the Diplomat seeking to upkeep civil tone –

3. Germany as Businesswoman according to the phrase of "Deutschland AG"

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