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Trin’ity. Tertullian (160-240) introduced this word into Christian theology. The word triad is much older. Almost every mythology has a threefold deity. 1


  • American Indians. Otkon, Messou, and Atahuata.
  • Brahmins. Their "tri-murti" is a three-headed deity, representing Brahma (as creator), Vishnu (as preserver), and Siva (as destroyer).
  • Celts. Hu, Ceridwen, and Craiwy.
  • Cherusci. A three-headed god called Triglat.
  • Chinese have the trible goddess Pussa.
  • Druids. Taulac, Fan, and Mollac.
  • Egyptians. Osiris, Isis, and Horus.
  • Eleusin’ian Mysteries. Bacchus, Persephone (4 syl.), and Demeter.
  • Goths. Woden, Frigga, and Thor.
  • Greece (ancient). Zeus (1 syl.), Aphrodite, and Apollo.
  • Iesini of Britain. Got, Ertha, and Issus.
  • Mexicans. Vitzputzli, Tlaloc, and Tezcatlipoca.
  • Peruvians. Apomti, Chureonti, and intequuequi.
  • Persians (ancient). Their "Triplasian deity" was Oroinasdes, Mithras, and Arim’anes.
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