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Three’s Company, Inc. – Japan

"Products Wanted"
Let us know if you have a
product to sell in Japan  

1.To sell your product here in Japan.

A. Make it known.

We put some advertisements on some magazines every month. We also put some data on our web pages, but people are still reading magazines and making buying decision through those magazines.

B. Japanese customers must feel safe to buy it.

We are ready to answer all question they have before they make a decision. The prospective buyers are worried about the problems they might have while using it. Having timely answers on their questions, Prompt material return or replacement, Responsive whenever the users need in their own language. These are very important facters for the prospective users making up their purchase decisions. In case they want to see us, they can visit our office person.

C. Make it understandable.

We localize it so that Japanese users can use it as if it is a Japanese software or products.

2. What you have to do.

A. Find if we are the right organization that you trust.

B. Let us sell your product here in Japan.

1. Localization

After taking a look at your product and finding which part of the product you should modify, you will have a report from us.

C. The other things will be done here in Japan.

Translation, making Japanese manuals, all sales activites will be done by us.

D. Let us know your product.

3. Contact infomation

Mr. Tetsuya Kaneko
Three's Company, Inc.
Phone +81-3-3770-7600
Fax +81-3-3770-7784

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