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Threes Anna

Threes Anna is a writer-director

Threes Anna She lives in the Netherlands en works on all kinds of places in the world, depending on what’s necessary for the ongoing project.

Although trained as a visual artist I became artistic director of the international theatre group Dogtroep. My work developed gradually from theatrical events (eighties) towards that of theatre spectacles at unusual locations (nineties). The shows were based on visual images and music and took part of an imaginary world with no dialogue at all. After making and directing over 50 performances, it was time for a change. The absurdist form of theatre I used was not sufficient anymore to create the stories I wanted to tell. I wanted to mix more reality in my work and decided that feature film had to be my new medium. Because making feature films asks for loads of time and money I started to write novels as well.

My first novel was called The Kiss of a Widow (June 2003). It is a partly autobiographical story en deals with the process of mourning after losing your beloved. My second novel, Motor Mother (January 2005), is inspired on motherhood and female identity, and the changes in the ways of perception hereof that took place during the last forty years. Both are published by Publishing House Vassallucci, Amsterdam. I’m working at my third novel.

My first film, The Bird Can’t Fly, is based on the South African natural and social landscape; the second one, War for a Kiss, is inspired on Bollywood, the popular Indian film industry. For both projects I undertook intensive research and held many interviews. These impressions formed the basic material for the scripts. Both film projects are in preparation.

In addition to my creative work, I advise young directors and several organisations

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