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Three Trapped Tigers

Three Trapped Tigers

Three Trapped Tigers are three guys from the UK who create experimental music. So far they’ve released one EP each year, for the last three years. Each song that they have made on these EPs runs into each other so that each track’s title is numbered chronologically (i.e the three EPs have a total of thirteen tracks numbered one to thirteen).

Despite their serious OCD issues the music is, at first listen, a chaotic. Explosions of aggression from guitars and frenzied trashing chords are all too common in Three Trapped Tigers’ music. On closer inspection, you soon realise there is actually organisation to this sonic madness, extremely tight organisation. So what you actually get is angular riffs, rave synth lines, electronic beats sporadically taking over the drums and soothing downtempo pads. You realise that you actually end up where you started, there are so many sounds going on, placed with extreme accuracy to shock you at the perfect moment.

Video on Vimo here

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