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The Incredible Journey: A Tale of Three Animals

The Incredible Journey: A Tale of Three Animalsby Sheila Burnford

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Shelia Burnford was born in 1918. She is famous for writing the book The Incredible Journey: a Tale of Three Animals. The Incredible Journey is the story of three pets; a Siamese cat, a bull terrier and a Labrador retriever. These pets are spending the summer with John Longridge because their owners are away in England. They travel 250 miles through the Canadian wilderness to reach their home. On the way, they face many dangers, wild animals, starvation, and more. The Incredible Journey won the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children in 1963. This book was made into a Disney movie in 1963. Thirty years later in 1993 Disney remade the movie and title it Homeward BoundThe Incredible Journey.

Burnford also wrote Mr. Noah and the Second Flood in 1973. She passed away in 1984.

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