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15 Points of a Good Horse – Wynkyn de Worde

Wynkyn de Worde

Wynkyn de Worde

Notabilia. 1
The fifteen points of a good horse: 2

“A good horse sholde have three propyrtees of a man, three of a woman, three of a foxe, three of a haare, and three of an asse.

“Of a man. Bolde, prowde, and hardye.

“Of a woman. Fayre-breasted, faire of heere, and easy to move.

“Of a foxe. A fair taylle, short eers, with a good trotte.

“Of a haare. A grate eye, a dry head, and well rennynge.

“Of an asse. A bygge chynn, a flat legge, and a good hoof.”—Wynkyn de Worde (1496).