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Trilogies as Persuasion | 1 min watch

MacCarty on cross-examination

Little Lawyer Lesson #1: Use Trilogies #shorts. Robert Gouveia Esq.

Trilogies can be very powerful tools of persuasion.
Terence McCarthy, author of MacCarthy on
Cross-Examination, explains just how important
trilogies are in trials.

Little Lawyer Lesson #1: Use Trilogies

Robert Gouveia (formerly Robert Gruler) is a
criminal defense lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona,
and host of Watching the Watchers, a show
focused on Accountability, Transparency and


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Trilogy – tragedies

A group of three tragedies. Everyone in Greece who took part in the poetic contest had to produce a trilogy and a satyric drama. We have only one specimen, and that is by Æschylos, embracing the Agamemnon, the Chophorœ, and the Eumen’ids.