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The Three Stooges – Farrelly Brothers

Here they come!

The final theatrical trailer has been released for the Farrelly Brothers’ homage to The Three Stooges, which stars Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamantopoulos as the iconic slapstick trio, and although we’re not treated to as many of the cameos as the first preview featured, we get a better idea of the storyline this time around – and a lot more Sofia Vergara!

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Farrelly Brothers Reviving

I’m sure fans of “The Three Stooges” have long wished for a full-length movie starring the legendary comedy trio. Who wouldn’t want to see those three bashing each other in the head for two hours? But do you want to see them bad enough to accept three new Stooges in their place? Because according to Variety, that’s exactly what the Farrelly Brothers have in mind. MGM is reviving the long-delayed project, allowing the director siblings to direct a brand new Stooges comedy for the studio.

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