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Skinny Legs and All

by Tom Robbins

Here is a passage I love from the end of Tom Robbin's book Skinny Legs and All:
And she thought, Come on, now.  What's the punchline?  There's got to be something else.  Until, finally, a voice inside her said:
"We're making it up."
Who?  What?
"Us.  All of us.  It.  All of it.  The world, the universe, life, reality.  Especially reality."
We're making it up?
We make it up.  We made it up.  We shall make it up.  We have been making it up.  I make it up.  You make it up. 

He, she, it makes it up."

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Robbins, L. H.

Robbins, L. H
Robbins, L. H

“How a minority, reaching majority, seizing authority, hates a minority.”