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Three Types of Radiation

Of the five main types of radiation, three types of radiation are of special concern related to our health. The three of main concern are Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation.

  1. alfa beta gamma radiationThe alpha rays are helium nuclei
  2. The beta rays are electrons
  3. The gamma rays are photons having high energy

What is Radiation

Radiation is everywhere. It has been around since the creation of the earth. It can be found in rocks, soil, water, plants and sometimes in the sky.

Radiation has a broad spectrum of meaning. It can be electromagnetic waves or subatomic particles or both. Some forms of radiation produce emissions of ionizing energy. These are neutrons, photons, and high energy charged particles like gamma rays.

There are different sources of radiation. Natural sources include cosmic radiation from space, terrestrial radiation emitted from radioactive elements in the ground. There is also man-make radiation released by the detonation of an atomic bombs.

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