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Munsell color system – Hue Value and Chroma

MunsellHue, Value and Chroma Chart

“He constructed a sphere on which were plotted a double set of spirals representing color sequences. From this model grew the evenly balanced Munsell Color Sphere, which demonstrates the exact relations of Hue, Value and Chroma.”

Munsell Color Wheel Step 1 on the Value pole in the center is the darkest gray possible.  Step 9 is the lightest white. Absolute Black and White are not practically attainable. This illustration does not purport to be a correct representation of color standards, but is intended merely to visualize the three scales in as graphic form as possible by a printed diagram.


Munsell color system - Hue Value Chroma

This perspective diagram graphically illustrates the three dimensions of color used by the Munsell Color Chart for color measurement and notation.

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