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3 Great Ways To Make An Additional Income In London

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London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, living in this bustling city is a dream come true for many people.

Therefore, finding sources for some extra income can always help you when you’re living in London.

London dwellers always look for opportunities and ways to get extra pounds in their banks. The important part of this is that the city also has a lot of opportunities to offer to those looking for side hustles and extra income.

In this article, let us explore some of the best ways to get extra income when living your dream life in London!

Finding The Right Side Hustle In London

Given below are the top methods that you can explore to add some extra cash to your monthly income in London—

1. Hosting A Student

One of the safest and most philanthropic options to earn extra income is hosting a student

London is a city famous for its world-renowned universities and academic institutions. Therefore, this city gets thousands of students from different countries to study and build their careers in this city.

However, it is not always easy for these students to find the right stay in this foreign land.

Thus, when you offer these students a healthy and cozy place to stay by hosting them at your house, you save them tons of worry.

Moreover, this can help you earn handsome rent and be in constant company with some of the brightest minds around the world.

2. Tour Guiding On Weekends

London is a city that attracts many tourists from around the world and neighboring cities. Weekends are especially tight around the tourist attractions due to the rush.

This gives a huge opportunity for city dwellers to explore some of the most exciting revenue options.

As a weekend tour guide, you can get to perform several functions and help the tourists know the place better:

  • Take them to the famous tourist attractions.
  • Help them discover the hidden gems around your city.
  • Find the best restaurants, cafes and eateries to enhance their experience.
  • Suggest and take them for fun activities.
  • Babysit the children while the adults visit certain locations.
  • Help them learn about the city’s rich history and taste.

Moreover, you can take up this side gig as a group activity. Ask your friends and relatives to join and make a group. You can divide your group into two guides each and explore different parts of the city.

This will help you cover each area more meticulously and you can enjoy the company of your friends.

Lastly, you can charge the tourists hourly for a good sum on weekends.

3. Pet Walking And Caring

This is one of the best options for animal lovers. Walking or caring for a pet is a fulfilling activity that can also pay you.

London is a city where people adopt different types of dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. The city accounts for some of the rarest and richest breeds of cats and dogs worldwide. 

Therefore, if you take up paid tasks of walking dogs and caring for pets, you can learn more about some of these exquisite breeds.

For this task, you only need patience and the ability to follow instructions. Some pet wonders are very strict with rules and regulations regarding the care of their pets.

Therefore, you must be a good listener and jolt down the points to do the task perfectly. Once you get good at this job, you can get enough money to plan your next tour without touching your savings.

Moreover, this job becomes a cakewalk if you connect well with animals. You can spend your time well with these amazing pets and make your extra pounds!

4. Delivery Agent

With the rise in online shopping and services, the need for delivery agents is ever-rising in big cities. From pizzas to repair services, everything can walk upto your doors with just a few clicks.

However, have you ever considered being the guy on the other side of the door?

This can be an amazing experience!

You can work as a delivery agent and make some extra money during your free hours. The diverse range of delivery services allows you to choose your favorite activity or item you can deliver. 

Moreover, if you own a two-wheeler or car, your chances at this job increase manifold.

5. Rent Out Your Gym

If you have a gym at your place or some of the major gym equipment, you can rent them out to make some extra money.

Fitness enthusiasts are all around every big city. All you need to do is spread your offer and find a place to find like-minded people.

Renting your gym or equipment also helps you find people with similar interests. You can learn and get help from these people to get fitter.

It helps you stay motivated when you see people using your equipment while making the extra pounds.

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