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HecateChtonian Greek Triple-Earth-Goddess, 
representing the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone 
– all aspects of the Mother Goddess. 
Her origins are in Asia Minor, 
where she was worshipped as the primary mother goddess. 
Later transformed into a Goddess of Magic, 
Moon and Night, Ruler of Ghosts, Underworld-goddess, 
Protectress and Patroness of Magicians,
Fortunetellers and Witches.

Hecate, Greek goddess of the three paths, guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born, and the goddess of witchcraft — once a widely revered and influential goddess,  the reputation of Hecate has been tarnished over the centuries. In current times, she is usually depicted as a “hag” or old witch stirring the cauldron.

But nothing could be further from the image of Hecate’s original glory.


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