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The difference between Rock and Jazz guitar

Rock Jazz guitar
The difference between Rock and Jazz guitar.

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Loog – Three string guitar

Another day, another three-stringed guitar on Kickstarter. This instrument comes to us courtesy of Rafael Atijas and started out as a thesis project at NYU. It is a simple, 3-string guitar for kids that is tuned to open chords and allows you to strum up and down the neck without having to perform many fretting maneuvers. The guitar comes unassembled and includes an instruction book.

three string guitar

The Loog Guitar is not only fun and easy, it is also convenient. You can start with the short-scale model, recommended for kids ages 6 to 9, and when the little player grows, you can replace the neck of the guitar without the need to buy a whole new instrument. Just swap the old short-scale neck for the new long-scale neck and you are ready to go.

In fact, every part in The Loog Guitar is interchangeable and compatible will all models. In this way, you can get the triangular-shaped guitar, and if you feel like changing to the rectangular guitar, you can just buy the body, easily attach it and have a brand new looking guitar without the cost of a whole new instrument.

The project isn’t currently funded (we suspect it will be shortly) but the guitar costs $150 and for $300 you get a special lesson from Rafael himself. $500 gets you a few guitars while $1,000 gets you a set of two. The Loog is also upgradeable.

Beginner Guitar HQ – by guitarists for guitarists

E-Sharp maj-1

This is a nice free website that teaches you how to play a guitar in seven days. There are many articles for guitarists by guitarists, so the information is very helpful. Below are a few examples of posts. Please visit their site to learn more at Beginner Guitar HQ