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boysenberryWhat is a Boysenberry?

This reddish purple berry is a hybrid made from three berries; a loganberry / blackberry / raspberry.  A popular fruit in New Zealand, it is becoming more common as an ingredient in many products such as yogurts and drinks.

Loganberry A blackberry / raspberry hybrid developed by JH Logan in the late 19th century, California.  It came to Britain around 1900.

A boysenberry is a type of glossy, large, juicy berry related to the North American blackberry. In addition to being eaten fresh during the brief growing season, boysenberries are also incorporated into jams, preserves, and syrups. Their flavor is somewhat reminiscent of a raspberry, with a more tart undertone, especially when the berries are not fully ripened. They are available from grocery stores and farmers’ markets, but since boysenberries are not very stable off the vine, it is important to eat them within two or three days of purchase.

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