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Bees in threes


In the case of the BEE, it is the number three which pervades its phenomena—

  • In three days the egg of the queen is hatched.
  • It is fed for nine days (3×3).
    It reaches maturity in 15 days (5×3).
  • The worker grub reaches maturity in 21 days (7×3).
  • And is at work three days after leaving its cell.
  • The drone matures in 24 days (8×3).
  • The bee is composed of three sections,— head and two stomachs.
  • The two eyes are made up of about 3,000 small eyes, each (like the cells of the comb) having six sides (2×3).
  • Underneath the body are six (2×3) wax scales with which the comb is made.
  • It has six (2×3) legs. Each leg is composed of three sections.
  • The foot is formed of three triangular sections.
  • The antennae consist of nine (3×3) sections.
  • The sting has nine (3×3) barbs on each side.
    Source: Anoop