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Search + Social: Three Search Platforms Incorporate Facebook Ads API


Yesterday there were three press releases from three search platforms, two aimed partly or substantially at the local market, that are incorporating the Facebook Ads API into their platform capabilities: Marin Software, Clickable and Kenshoo. Here are excerpts from the three releases:

  1. Marin Software:
  2. Clickable:
  3. Kenshoo:

Marin Software:

Marin Search Marketer will provide marketers with the tools necessary to manage large-scale advertising programs through Facebook Ads. By marrying impression, click, and cost data with conversion and revenue data, Marin Search Marketer will provide a complete view of campaign ROI and effectiveness. Management capabilities within the analytical interface will allow users to edit bids and creative individually or in bulk, to provide a streamlined workflow from analysis to action.

Understanding the impact of Facebook Ads on other advertising channels is a critical requirement for performance marketers. Marin Search Marketer will attribute conversion value across the clicks leading up to a sale, allowing users to understand, for example, the impact of Facebook ads on driving downstream clicks on paid search links and their ultimate impact on conversions. Using this solution, marketers will be able to properly value the impact of Facebook advertising on both immediate and latent conversion, and adjust campaign budgets accordingly.


Clickable Pro now empowers you to create and upload pay-per-click Facebook ads in bulk. And with Clickable conversion tracking, you can track Facebook and search marketing revenues and conversions with a simple tag placed on your Web site. You can even produce customized, white-label reports with search and social performance displayed side by side. You can do it yourself in Clickable, or let us do it for you with our Assist offering. Sign up now and a Clickable representative will help you get started


The new Facebook integration expands the power of Kenshoo’s existing online SEM advertising optimization platform to offer increased marketing program visibility and control to both agencies and advertisers. Marketers can now take advantage of Kenshoo’s automated RealTime Campaigns technology, full multi-channel tracking and algorithmic bid optimization technology to further their online marketing dollar.

Expect more search marketing toolsets and platforms to follow. This is a significant development for several reasons:

  • It formalizes the relationship between search and social media (search and display), including reporting (which is huge)
  • It makes Facebook Ads accessible through a single platform, which will likely dramatically benefit Facebook as it becomes easier to buy and manage campaigns on Facebook (hopefully the quality of ads will improve greatly)
  • It will make Facebook, with its very precise targeting capabilities one of the primary display ad outlets on the internet, perhaps to the detriment of other display networks

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