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Rush Limbaugh: Third Party Bad Idea

Rush Limbaugh - Third Party Bad IdeaHow about a Radical Republican Faction controlling the GOP?
It work well during the Civil War Era.

CALLER: — many of the speakers the other day at the rally spoke to that point. And a lot of the people I spoke with were Democrats that are disgusted with Obama, and to a person the Republicans that I spoke with were just fed up with government in general. There was a lot of anger at the Bush administration. They had all the levers of power at their disposal and they did nothing. They did not represent us. There’s just real anger out there, and so I really believe that this movement is bigger than the political parties.

I really think there’s going to be a movement soon to maybe form another party. I’ve been a Republican my whole life, but those people no longer represent me. And if I could, I’d like to talk to you about an 81-year-old man that was on the bus that I was on. There were 28 ragtag people on that bus from all walks of life. He took four shots of insulin a day and he made it on that bus. He did not have a leader. There was nobody telling him to get on a bus and go there. And, Herb, if you’re out there I hope you’re doing fine. And he went through that 16-hour bus ride, stood all day, and then the major media is not even reporting tens of thousands of people were there. I think people like Herb deserve better from our media. And I’m just outraged, Rush, and I’m thrilled that I was there. My niece and my sister and my husband went with me. And we didn’t have anybody tell us to go there. We did not have a leader. We realized that we have to do it ourselves. Nobody in the Republican Party, God knows not on the other side, are going to help us, and we have to do this ourselves.

RUSH: Now, let me address the second thing you mentioned first, and that is all these people that showed up deserve better from the media.

CALLER: Yes, they do.

RUSH: Yeah, they do, you’re absolutely right, it ain’t going to happen. I have long cautioned everybody, if you seek validation for your actions based on the media being accurate in their reporting of your actions, you’re going to be forever disappointed. The media is as much the enemy as is the Obama administration.

CALLER: Well, trust me when I tell you that I know that. I’m not surprised by it. But I am outraged by it because I mean this is verging on Pravda. I mean you look at those pictures on the television, you know, even MSNBC had a wide shot, an aerial view of this group of protesters, and they’re trying to tell people there were tens of thousands of people there? I’m not surprised; the people at the rally were not surprised. But it’s so disappointing, and I’m going to tell you, Rush, I spoke to a lot of people there, and we will come out in bigger numbers the next time, and I will do whatever it takes. I worked on Friday. I got on a bus for 16 hours, I knew it wasn’t going to be fun. I’m back at work today —

RUSH: But it was fun.

CALLER: — in Illinois.

RUSH: No wait. But it was fun. You did enjoy it.

CALLER: I did enjoy it.

RUSH: And you enjoyed it for all the reasons that you’ve mentioned. But we’ve gotta be really, really careful here, Dana, about this left versus right government thing. You mentioned third party, and we’ve been through this with Perot.

CALLER: I know that. I know that. And I think Perot helped Clinton get in, I don’t doubt that. I do believe there has to be a huge movement before people can vote that way.

RUSH: But a third party is not going to do anything other but ensure the reelection of Obama and every other Democrat running for office because even if you come up with a charismatic third-party presidential candidate, still isn’t going to have anybody of any significance running in that party for seats in Congress of the US Senate unless this movement happened to become the majority movement in the country, and that’s not what’s happening. I respectfully disagree with you here. I understand the anger at the Republican Party. Hell, I’ve got it, too. I’ve had it for a long, long time. But don’t make the mistake of thinking this is not a left versus right thing. This is a conservative ascendancy that’s going on out there. You didn’t show up and protest like this when the Republicans were in power.


RUSH: Folks, we need to take the Republican Party back. The Democrat Party was co-opted, has been co-opted by a bunch of communists, socialist, fascists, what have you from the sixties and the seventies and that’s what we’re up against now. We have allowed our party to be co-opted by a slate of Ivy League elitists and country club, blue-blood Republicans who want to be thought of as enlightened and compassionate and so forth, they want to be thought of as liberal light, Democrat light. We’ve talked about what the divisions in the Republican Party are all about. It’s about the social issues, the Republicans don’t like the pro-lifers being in the party, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now, if we just leave the Republican Party where it is, go third party, we’re ceding defeat. The Electoral College alone, the Electoral College discriminates against third party like you can’t believe. It’s not the way to go. I realize a lot of you are going to be mad at me, but history repeats itself. But the one thing that you who have been with me for 21 years know is that I have never been anything other but a mainstream down the line rock solid bulwark conservative because that’s who I am. And I know that the Republican Party has won big time when it has been as well.

I know that a third party isn’t going to win diddly-squat. But, I am prepared for the next two to four years for some of you out there to hate me and despise me because of this. Because I’m well aware of the anti-Washington sentiment that exists and the desire to just throw the whole thing into the Potomac River and rebuild it. It does have to be rebuilt but you’re never going to throw it all in the Potomac River. And if you discount the role of Barack Obama in ginning up all this passion that’s leading to the protests, if you want to try to equate the Republican Party to what this radical bunch of leftists is doing, you’re going to have a tough time convincing me that there’s any similarity.


RUSH: Folks, you gotta understand, let me put it to you this way: We are at the triage stage. We’ve gotta address the biggest emergency first, and that is stopping Obama. That has to happen. If that doesn’t happen then all the rest of this is academic. The second thing is, Ross Perot gave the White House to the Democrats in two successive elections, and I can show it to you in polling data, which I think I’m going to do tomorrow.


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