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RPS – Rock Paper Scissors


rock paper scissors

rock paper scissors

1.0 The Game is played where the players substitute the three elements of Rock, Paper and Scissors with representative hand signals.

2.0 These hand signals are delivered simultaniously by the players

3.0 The Outcome of play is determined by the following

  • Rock wins against Scissors,
  • Scissors wins against Paper
  • Paper wins against Rock

That's it! You are now ready to play a few games and get the hang of it. Once you are ready you can get into the deeper aspects of the game by reading further.

ImageThe Hand Signals

In order to ensure fair play, players must strive to make their hand signals as representative and as uniform as possible. The following techniques for representing the throws have been developed and approved by the World RPS Society for all levels of recreational and professional play. Collectively they are known as the Internationally Recognized Throwing System (IRTS) and as long as they are utilized they will ensure unambiguous deliver every time.

Proper use of the opening move is crucial to success in the game and can secure the advantage for the remainder of the match. Let's take each of the basic opening moves in turn:

Internationally Recognized Rock: represented by a closed fist with the thumb resting at least at the same height as the topmost finger of the hand. The thumb must not be concealed by the fingers. Note: To accommodate different throwing styles, it is considered legal for the first knuckle of the thumb to point downward._ _Use of rock as an opening move is seen by many players to be a sign of aggression. Rock also happens to be the most effortless of the throws and fast reactions are never required to employ it with success. By careful examination of the options and atmosphere of play, a well-placed rock will crush a carelessly thrown pair of scissors every time.

Internationally Recognized Paper: Is also delivered in the same manner as rock with the exception that all fingers including the thumb are fully extended and horizontal with the points of the fingers facing the opposing player. Use of the "vertical paper" (sometimes referred to as "the handshake") is strictly forbidden in Tournament play due to its close resemblance to 'scissors if is thrown without care.
Paper is actually the most challenging of the basic opening moves since it requires the manual displacement of the most digits. It is therefore generally viewed as the least obvious of opening throws. Should you open with a paper be forewarned that a reply of scissors will cut you down to size in no time flat.

Internationally Recognized Scissors:

Is delivered in the same manner as rock with the exception that the index and middle fingers are fully extended toward the opposing player. It is considered good form to angle the topmost finger upwards and the lower finger downwards in order to create a roughly 30–45 degree angle between the two digits and thus mimic a pair of scissors. Note: The use of Horizontal Scissors is strictly forbidden in Tournament play due to its close resemblance to 'paper' if is thrown without care
Opening with a pair of scissors assumes that you are playing against an opponent who has tight control over their aggressive tendencies and therefore may not open with a scissor-smashing rock. One of the main pitfalls of opening with scissors is the tendency by many to reveal the throw too early, allowing an experienced opponent to easily counter.


Play in the Annual 2009 ‘Australian & New Zealand Rock Paper Scissors Championships’ Regional, State & Territory Qualifying Rounds is scheduled to begin in May.  

The Australian Qualifying Round & Australian Open Grand Final will be staged on Saturday 1st of August 2009 at ‘Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern’, Gold Coast, Queensland. 

For full 2009 Australian RPS details please visit:

For full 2009 New Zealand RPS details please visit:

The 4th Annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship Series Season to Kick Off April 20th

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors Championship Series (PBRPRPSCLCS) Planning Committee is pleased to announce that the 4th annual PBRPRPSCLCS will begin play on April 20th, 2009.  The PBRPRPSCLCS is looking to build upon the success of its' first three seasons, in which over 1800 competitors have attended nightly events in the hope of become the City League Champion, a title ultimately claimed in 2008 by player (and first female champ in league history) Mr. Is of team David Bowie's Package.

See The World RPS Society for more details

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