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Magic the pup – nature printed a 3 on his back



This is Magic. He was the THIRD pup born in Zuri’s THIRD litter and he weighed THREE ounces. He was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog on January 9, 2007. As if that was not enough, nature printed a large number THREE on his back. Now that he’s eight weeks old, Magic weighs 27 ounces.

He is playful, outgoing and curious and not a bit shy with people. He is a handsome boy and has the extra large and properly angled ears that are prized by Papillon breeders.

His mom, Zuri is really smart. She’s an agility dog and knows dozens of commands. Magic’s Dad, Mojo is a sweet and gentle little guy who weighs only 3.5 lbs. Mojo works as a therapy dog with senior citizens. He is very tolerant and loves all the hugging. After work given some green grass and a nice day, Mojo shows off his passion for running for the love of running. He speeds, he leaps, he makes hairpin turns and doubles back.

It’s a joy just to watch him. When he walks, Mojo prances like a pony. I have been asked if I trained him to do it, but it’s actually in his genes. His breeder told me that Mojo’s father also pranced and hopefully, Magic will have that prancing walk too. While I can’t say all of which genes for behavior Magic will inherit from his parents and his parents have enough beautiful behavior genes to share with Magic that he is sure to turn into an exquisitely behaved adult.

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