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LIVE AMERICAN The Story Independence Day 2010

      " I am a Live American;
          So I Live American;
Therefore, I am Alive American"
        Johnathon G. Lewis

"I was Born an American;
I will Live an American;
I shall Die an American"
Daniel Webster


The Story

  To Live American is to march for Americans, not against anyone or any country. The anti American cowards would turn this into a discriminating, racist, prejudice argument to deflect and distract from the truth. Ignorance refuses to stay on topic, it has to deflect because it cannot win the argument. Defeat ignorance with education; dark with light.

  This is Americans country. I hold Ole’ Glory high marching when ever and where ever I want. I am working to manage America through the expression of God given rights framed in the Constitution by Americans Founding Fathers. If this kills me I expect American Patriots to take Ole’ Glory from my bloody battle worn knuckles and continue marching for Americans.

  I spent July 2,3,4, 2010 marching with Ole’ Glory held high. Americans government went on vacation while I went to work for Americans. Evidence American’s Founding Fathers were working is we celebrate Independence Day. With this in mind I marched on in celebration. For American Patriotism I was marching. Wrapped in Red, White, and Blue with Ole’ Glory held high I marched for miles. At times my emotions would bring salty tears blending with salty sweat as I recalled the bloody battles I fought for Americans. I marched on. I was a one man All American parade. The Spirit of American Patriotism had hold of me like so many times before. I was proud; yet, humbled and tired from the long and lonely march.

  On the third day a child saw me and yelled profanities in attempt to offend Americans. I did not engage this verbal attack; therefore, I did not allow the offence. I recognized his ignorance and with Ole’ Glory held high I said, "Because of Americans who passed me Ole’ Glory with bloody knuckles from hard fought deadly battles to protect your American right to speak freely, you have freedom of speech". I smiled at him, knowing American Freedom of speech does ring loudly, as he walked away.

  Alone I marched for Americans on Independence Day, no other Ole’ Glory in view, no Red, no White, no Blue. I wondered who will take Ole’ Glory from me when I fall down dead when a changed child joined me with Ole’ Glory held high in his hand.
Written by: 
Johnathon G. Lewis


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