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Brian Miller's Vision: As a child at school I recall my teacher asking all 30 pupils within my class, where was the center of the United Kingdom. I was the only child that answered London because I could see what the others could not.


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Brian Miller

The teacher said that I was correct because all roads led to that point. I believe that the same thing has happened in this case and I can see what others cannot, I can see what links up everything in every event.

With my Hypothesis "TRIADS Structure of Everything" I felt had the answer before I knew the question, which sounds a crazy thing to say, but it's true. Everything I saw before me fell into place, when there was no out of place in the first instant. I have a vision that maybe one day I will have the tools to communicate my thoughts and ideas listed on this site to the science community. Equations are the key to effective communicating, however lacking natural ability and the standard of education required achieving this, and there is a sudden realization that my vision is only a piped dream. Well you have to have dreams in life; they make you feel good they give you a purpose in life. My idea is so simple; I can't believe that others cannot see as I do. This has given me hours and hours of fun so no matter what, I've enjoyed myself.