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American Jobs Act

Here’s what an American Jobs Act that puts working families first looks like, and what we’re calling on Congress to do:

  1. Invest in states. Across the country, statehouses are dealing with budget deficits and cutting jobs and services when we can least afford to.
  2. Invest in infrastructure. Rebuilding our nation’s highways, bridges, schools, and more will make our country stronger, and will immediately put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work.
  3. Invest in workers. Rather than lay off nurses, teachers, and firefighters, the economic recovery must close tax loopholes and make Wall Street and corporate CEOs pay their fair share.

President Obama’s call for the American Jobs Act is a strong first step, but we can’t let it get weakened and come up short when Congress begins debate. There’s enough talk coming from the Capitol, it’s time for Congress to act: send a message to your representative and senators today.

Investing in the working middle class is the surest path to an economic recovery that works for everyone, not just CEOs and huge corporations. Congress must put aside political differences and begin the real work of the nation. The American Jobs Act will have an immediate impact on job creation and will help grow the economy from day one. Now is the time to stop the petty posturing and pandering to extremists and work with the President to pursue a jobs agenda for all Americans.

Click here to send your message to Congress.

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