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Three Graces – Michelangelo Affreschi

Michelangelo Affreschi Sistine Chapel
Three sister goddesses: Aglaia (brilliance) , Euphrosyne (joy), and Thalia (bloom), presiding over all beauty and charm in nature and humanity. They are the subject of many famous poems and paintings, the original of which is hanging in the Louvre in Paris, France.

This fresco, from Pompeii and precisely from the house of Titus Dentatus Panthera, shows us the typical representation of the three goddesses depicted dancing with their arms upwards in a pose that unites them with extreme grace. The three sisters, daughters of Zeus and Eurinome, depict the different aspects of feminine charm: joy, splendor and prosperity. One of them is depicted from behind to the observer, the other two in front.

Michelangelo Affreschi Three Graces – Sistine Chapel

Three Graces – Michelangelo Affreschi
Three Graces – Michelangelo Affreschi

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