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The Three R’s

Respect. Responsibility. Remorse.

This information was handed down to me by an urban-doctor who described the only three rules he has at his house for his children to follow. It should be a way of living for more adults even if you don't have children.

I don't know if he read them somewhere or made them up himself.

The Three R's are:

Respect. Responsibility. Remorse.

Those are the rules most people will ever need. To simplify your life try them out sometime.

These three laws co-mingle with each other. Instead of giving examples I will try to list what each is and see if you can connect the dots.

Honoring another persons time and energy. Acknowledging another persons perspective. Granting small, reasonable requests. Putting in high regard those around you. Showing courtesy to others without judgment.

Respect is not about what you get, it's about what you give. Respect should not seek to be earned nor should be rewarded.

Knowledge of cause and effect. Knowing that your actions affect others. Knowing that you are the cause of all outcomes positive or negative. Accountability.

Having the courage to apologize. Showing empathy. Owning up to past negative behaviors.

Bonus R: Making things Right
Going out of your way and doing everything in your power to get back to a positive state with another person. Exemplifying all of the above!

Do you see how the three R's inter-connect? You really can't have one without the other.

What does respect, responsibility or remorse mean to you?

Which of the three R's can you benefit the most from and why?

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