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Lithium – Periodic Table – element 3

LithiumLithium is a Group 1 (IA) element containing just a single valence electron (1s22s1). Group 1 elements are called "alkali metals". Lithium is a solid only about half as dense as water. A freshly cut chunk of lithium is silvery, but tarnishes in a minute or so in air to give a grey surface.

Lithium is mixed (alloyed) with aluminium and magnesium for light-weight alloys, and is also used in batteries, some greases, some glasses, and in medicine.

  • Name: lithium
  • Symbol: Li
  • Atomic number: 3
  • Atomic weight: [ 6.941 (2)] g m r
  • CAS Registry ID: 7439-93-2
  • Group number: 1
  • Group name: Alkali metal
  • Period number: 2
  • Block: s-block
  • Standard state: solid at 298 K
  • Colour: silvery white/grey
  • Classification: Metallic

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