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Lady Love: The Lady Washington

Lady Washington This replica of a 1750s three-masted trading vessel resides in the harbor in Aberdeen, Washington state. The Web site features ship specifications, including the configuration below deck; deck points that accommodate six miles of rigging; a sail plan; the ship's log; crew information; volunteer opportunities; photographs; and related links. "The Caribbean Chronicles" describes the vessel's role in the film "Pirates of the Caribbean." From Creative Enterprise Multimedia Studio.

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British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate 1638-60

The "War of the Three Kingdoms" involved Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. It "laid the foundations of the modern British constitution and underlies many of the political tensions in today's United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland." Find timelines, interactive biographies, a military history (with individual battles and sieges), and annotated Web links.

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America on the Move

This site from The Smithsonian Institution uses “three interconnected routes to explore how transportation shaped our lives, landscapes, culture, and communities.” Features an illustrated and annotated timeline, an “online transportation collection [that] includes more than a thousand artifacts and photographs” (browsable by categories, eras, and regions), and a thematic tour of the collection. Also includes games and materials for classroom use.


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Women’s measurements


Barbie 1959The perfect woman was considered to be 36-24-36, measuring chest, waist and hips in inches.

According to Size USA, women’s measurements in 2004 averaged 40 inches in the bust, 34 inches in the waist and 43 inches in the  hips. In 1941, the average woman’s measurements were about 35-27-37. (The 1941 study primarily measured white women; Size  USA included women of all races and determined that African-American and Hispanic women tended to be larger than white and  Asian women.)

Barbie’s measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33

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foreign aid

economic, military, technical, and financial assistance given on an international, and usually intergovernmental level. U.S. foreign aid programs have included at least three totally different objectives: rehabilitating the economies of war-devastated countries, strengthening the military defenses of allies and friends of the United States, and promoting economic growth in underdeveloped areas. Aid may be given as a grant, with no repayment obligation, or a loan. 1 Continue reading foreign aid

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Ethiopian emblem – threepointed star

three pointed star

three pointed star This sign is known as an Ethiopian emblem. This is the only version of a threepointed star the author of this work has ever seen. Otherwise the caltrap,<img class=” size-full wp-image-381″ src=””18″ height=”19″ hspace=”6″ alt=”caltrap” title=”caltrap” border=”0″ width=”18″ height=”19″ />, is about as structurally similar a sign as can be found.

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Three Rivers, Texas

Three Rivers Glass Company

Three Rivers traces its beginnings to July 4, 1913 with a grand opening and first sale of land by Charles R. Tips.  Tips, a University of Texas graduate and employee of the First National Bank of Seguin, came to the Brush Country at the urging of Mrs. Annie Hamilton of Cuero.  Mrs. Hamilton owned a tract of land where Three Rivers now sits.  The fledgling  community was named Hamiltonburg, until the U.S. Post Office insisted that the name was too similar to "Hamilton", thus the change. Tips suggested Three Rivers because of the nearby confluence of the Atascosa, Frio and Nueces Rivers.
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