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Cambridge and Oxford – Term time

There are three terms at Cambridge in a year, and four at Oxford, but the two middle Oxford terms are two only in name, as they run on without a break. The three Cambridge terms are Lent, Easter, and Michaelmas. The four Oxford terms are Lent, Easter + Trinity, and Michaelmas.

LENT— Cambridge, begins January 13th, and ends on the Friday before Palm Sunday. Oxford, begins January 14th, and ends on the Saturday before Palm Sunday.

EASTER— Cambridge, begins on the Friday of Easterweek, and ends Friday nearest June 20th. Oxford, begins on the Wednesday of Easterweek, and ends Friday before Whit-Sunday. The continuation, called "Trinity term," runs on till the second Saturday of July.

MICHAELMAS— Cambridge, begins October 1st, and ends December 16th. Oxford, begins October 10th, and ends December 17th.


regarding Oxford and Cambridge term times, the information regarding the names of the terms in Oxford is inaccurate. There are 3 terms in a year in the Oxford academic year, Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity.

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