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151 acronyms for TAC

151 acronyms for TAC Acronym Definition
TAC Tactic/Tactics/Tactical
TAC Technical Assistance Center
TAC Texas Administrative Code
TAC Terms and Conditions
TAC Technical Advisory Committee
TAC Treatment Action Campaign (South Africa)
TAC Total Allowable Catch
TAC The American Cause (conservative think tank)
TAC Tactical Air Command (USAF; now Air Combat Command)
TAC Transport Accident Commission (Australian government car accident insurance)
TAC Tacrolimus
TAC Toxic Air Contaminant
TAC Transportation Association of Canada
TAC Terminal Access Controller
TAC Toxic Air Contaminants
TAC Technology Accreditation Commission (ABET)
TAC Treaty of Amity and Cooperation
TAC Technical Assistance Collaborative
TAC Tactical Communications
TAC Triamcinolone Acetonide
TAC Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata (Italy)
TAC Technical Advisory Council (Ascend, Cisco, Ericsson, Lucent, Nortel, Selsius, etc)
TAC Targeted Amortization Class (bonds)
Tac Thermoplasma Acidophilum
TAC Type Approval Code (IMEI number)
TAC Tokyo American Club
TAC Tour Andover Controls
TAC Transportation Account Code
TAC Taxpayer Assistance Center (IRS)
TAC Toronto Arts Council
TAC Traffic Acquisition Cost
TAC Training Accreditation Council (Western Australia)
TAC Tactical Command Post
TAC Transnational Auditors Committee
TAC Traffic Advisory Committee
TAC Total Area Coverage (printing; ink/color management)
TAC The Aleut Corporation
TAC Traffic Acquisition Cost (websites, advertising)
TAC Traditional Anglican Communion
TAC Technical Assistance Contract
TAC Time to Amplitude Converter
TAC Tomografia Axial Computorizada
TAC Technical Activities Committee
TAC Training Advisory Committee
TAC Theoretical Astrophysics Center (Copenhagen, Denmark)
TAC The Athletics Congress (now USATF)
TAC Transaction Code
TAC Terminal Area Chart
TAC The Aerospace Corporation
TAC Terminal Agency Coordinator
TAC Triacetyl Cellulose (polarizing film/filters manufacturing)
TAC Telecommunications Advisory Committee
TAC Threat Assessment Chart
TAC Tactical Air Controller
TAC Telescope Allocation Committee
TAC Trauma Association of Canada
TAC Total Access Communication System
TAC Transatlantic Council (Boy Scouts of America Council for Europe, North Africa and the Near East)
TAC Tourism Advisory Committee
TAC Tactical Advanced Computer
TAC Terminal Attack Control
TAC Type Allocation Code (telecommunications)
TAC Transatlantic Programs Center (USACE)
TAC Third Amended Complaint (legal)
TAC Throttle Actuator Control (General Motors)
TAC Three Address Code
TAC The Acting Company (New York, NY)
TAC Telemetry and Command (processor)
TAC Transportation Account Codes
TAC Tactical Air Coordinator
TAC Trademark Assistance Center
TAC Telecommuting Advisory Council
TAC Technical Assistance Coordinator
TAC TELUS Advanced Communications (Canadian business)
TAC Tacloban, Philippines – Dz Romualdez (Airport Code)
TAC The Architect's Collaborative
TAC Terminal Access Control
TAC Theoretical and Applied Climatology
TAC Totally Awesome Computers (retailer; Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
TAC Tetracaine, Adrenaline, and Cocaine (medical)
TAC Tarsus American College
TAC Tactical Air Commander
TAC Tactical Manual
TAC Translator-Assembler-Compiler
TAC Technology Assessment Center
TAC Technical Acceptance Certificate (Canada)
TAC Tenant Associations Coalition (San Francisco, CA)
TAC Total Aerobic Count
TAC Technical Assurance Co-Ordinator (UK project management role)
TAC Texas Antiquities Code
TAC The Austin Company (United Kingdom)
TAC Teen Activity Center
TAC Team Aerial Combat (gaming)
TAC Thrust Asymmetry Compensation (Boeing)
TAC Tuticorin Alkali Chemicals
TAC Trail Advisory Committee (Alberta, Canada)
TAC Type of Address Code
TAC The Application Connection
TAC Tactical Airsoft Club (Dumaguete City, Philippines)
TAC Total Accumulated Cycles
TAC Turkic Accelerator Complex
TAC Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgia (headache)
TAC Training Access Center
TAC Tea Association of Canada
TAC Transportation Allowance Committee
TAC Target/Tactical Acquisition Console
TAC Time At Completion
TAC Tribunal de l'Aviation Civile du Canada (Civil Aviation Tribunal)
TAC Tauranga Aero Club (New Zealand)
TAC Terminal Action Code(s)
TAC Type of Activity Code
TAC Thunderbird Activity Center (AGSIM, Glendale, AZ)
TAC Transitional Advisory Council
TAC Technical Advisory Center (Sprint)
TAC Terminal-Aggregator Communication
TAC Transparent Auto-Compilation
TAC Thornapple Arts Council
TAC TRADOC Acquisition Center
TAC Terminal Attachment Council
TAC Tactical Analysis Center
TAC Type of Assistance Code
TAC Triple Antibiotic Cream
TAC Theater Aviation Company
TAC Table Assignment Chart
TAC Task Assignment and Control
TAC Transfer At Cost
TAC Test Analysis Controller
TAC Tibetan Association of Colorado, Inc.
TAC Tactical Applications Company
TAC Turn Around Crew (airlines ramp agent)
TAC Teacher Advisor Contact (Pius XI High School, Milwaukee, WI)
TAC Teen Advocacy Coalition
TAC Tribal Air/Communications (New Tribes Mission aviation program)
TAC Tactical Air Cargo (loader)
TAC Task Action Commitment
TAC Target Acquisition Console
TAC Tactical Aviation Center
TAC Telecommunication Association Council
TAC Teleconferencing Association of Canada
TAC Test Activation Center
TAC Turbine-Alternator-Compressor
TAC Template Alignment Cube
TAC Terra Aerocraft
TAC The Athletes Course
TAC Timor Aid for Children
TAC Target Analysis Center
TAC Token Assignment Channel
TAC Tsuanmi-Affected Communities
TAC Training Activities Coordinator
TAC Texas Air Composites, Inc (Cedar Hill, TX)

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