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The postmodern plate: why cuisines come in threes

Title: The postmodern plate: why cuisines come in threes
Author: Symons, Michael
Source: Australian Cultural History, 1996
Annotation: Eating, Symons holds, cannot be isolated from the cultural, social and physical context.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, he charts the development of Australian eating through three stages from bush rations to grandmother's cooking then multicultural cuisine. Drawing upon relevant cookery books from each stage, from virtually none in the early colony to plain cookery books to the present proliferation of titles, he interweaves Plato's philosophy with the development of three meals (bush rations, packaged goods and convenience foods) against three transport eras (from ships to rail to cars) and three stages of history (hunting, agricultural and industrial) into a postmodernist debate.

Topics covered: Multiculturalism; Cultural Identity [area Of Study]; Change [area Of Study]; Food Habits; Food – History – Australia 
HSC Subject(s): Food Technology; Society And Culture 
SCIS number: 1279036
SCIS Dewey (full): 641.5994
SCIS Dewey (short): 641.5994


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