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And, Just Like That, France Rejects Three Strikes

from the pendulum-swinging dept

The situation in France just gets stranger and stranger when it comes to the proposed "three strikes" law for kicking music and movie fans off the internet.

You probably know that just last week it was approved by legislators in a surprise vote, where just a small number of elected officials waited until most others (who believed the vote would be held later) had left before holding the vote. This resulted in cheers from Hollywood and others in the legacy entertainment business.

However, now it appears that The National Assembly has surprised everyone back by rejecting the measure, but with a similarly small group of officials voting. The law was rejected 21 – 15 in what's described as "a near-empty National Assembly." I'm sure more will come out about how this happened, but perhaps politicians who were upset about how it passed in the first place, just played the same trick back. Either way, I'm sure this is not the end of this issue in France (or elsewhere).


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